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Orion Construction Photos


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Just so you know the confidence of B&M, they had an interview while they were constructing Nemesis at Alton Towers, and they were asked if there was a possibility the ride would stall and B&M said straightforward that their rides don't stall.

Granted, that has proven false when you add wind to the equation (most B&M valley's have been due to wind), but these guys know what they're doing. 

Unfortunately, I can't source it as its lost in the depths of the internet, but its a thing that happened. 

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6 hours ago, Skibum said:

While I wish that that Orion construction camera was still running, I guess that it will be rather boring from this point forward.  Regarding testing, I would think that they have to:

1.  Install the lift hill chain and motor.

2.  Finish installing the brake systems, including any trims.

3.  Get the station up and running, including drive tires or whatever will be needed to propel the stopped trains.

4.  Do a proper clearance run with one car and the projected clearance envelope.

5.  Landscaping, finish the queue, and who knows what else.

Not being privy to what all has occurred, I'm not sure where they are on the above steps.

lift motor was installed as lift hill was constructed, they don’t do clearance testing with a car, they have a cutout that they place at all areas that could come in contact. Drive tires were pre-attached to the VFD drive motors on the individual sections and delivered that way. 

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7 hours ago, Benjamin22 said:

I don’t know how to read blueprints however we’ve only seen one trim break installed, I don’t think there’s another trim break going onto this ride.

I meant that there is two spots where it says there will be trim brakes, I didn’t mean that there will be two trim brakes

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1 hour ago, Klabergian Empire said:

Best way I can explain it is they are kinda like the systems on Flying Ace Areial Chase's lift hill, only they are used in the station/ before the lift hill/ transfer track area(s).

VFD’s are used more than what you describe, VFD is a Variable frequency drive, which means in dumbed down terms the motor can be sped up and down by adjusting the voltage AND frequency while maintains the same level of torque. almost all coasters at Kings Island have a variable speed motor on their lift. Ever notice the change in speed as you’re ascending? On The Bat, The Beast, racer, Mystic Timbers?  That is because the Programmable logic controller is controlling the lift motor and varying the speed depending on the location of the other trains in the blocks. B&M uses VFD motors in the block brakes and station because they can slow the motor way down and accurately park the train in the same position every time. Older coasters rely solely on their brakes to stop a train in the correct position which never produces consistent results

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7 minutes ago, MDMC01 said:

I am so excited! I love the colors; it looks like a B&M Millennium Force (ok, I know it's not, but still)! This thing is going to be amazing!!!

Can't wait for testing!!!

Also, this seems relevant:


Yeah, im wondering if they made the the lift hill supports different colors like Diamondback.

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2 hours ago, BoddaH1994 said:

Will the angle of descent help or hinder the experience? The only thing that comes to mind with with was that for decades Vortex had the best drop in the park, and that was not angles in a particularly vertical manner. 

Personally, I don’t believe so. If you’ve been on the other B&M gigas, the steeper angle makes it feel like the drops just goes on forever! 

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46 minutes ago, Gplez90 said:

Personally, I don’t believe so. If you’ve been on the other B&M gigas, the steeper angle makes it feel like the drops just goes on forever! 

I beg to differ.  I305's 85° drop is not very good while fury's 80° or so seems to last longer.  Don't know how this one will feel cause it's new from b&m.  Skyrush has an 85° drop and is one of the best in the world.

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