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    • I agree, there’s no reason CedarFair would scrap several large projects just because they had a rough start last year. 
    • At my home park (SFGAm) this past summer, I was on my way to Hurricane Harbor, and I heard 2 girls talking. I couldn't really make out what they were saying, even though they were right behind me. I could tell that they were talking about Raging Bull, and I'm sure the word "splashdown" at one point. That sounded really cool, until I heard the younger girl say that THE Raging Bull goes in the waterpark. Cringe. That wasn't the worst or most darnest thing I have heard, but I just wanted to post it because I thought it belongs here, especially the part about it having a splashdown AND going into the waterpark. Another one. The setting is SFGAm last year again. I was walking past Vertical Velocity with my dad and best friend, when I noticed a crowd watching it and muttering nervously. Since it was Fright Fest, I decided to play a spooky prank. As loudly as I could, I asked, "Wow, why aren't they running the other two trains?" Some people in the crowd turned to look at me, and I continued, "When Vertical Velocity opened, they ran 3 trains. They would launch each one after the previous train unloaded. But there was an accident on the last day of the 2002 season when the empty red train didn't stop and crashed into the empty green and yellow trains, destroying the green train and making a cut in the yellow train. Shortly afterwards, they closed the ride and repaired the trains, so they should be running all three and not just the yellow train." The look on the crowd's faces were priceless, and Dad had to hurry me away.
    • I am guessing it means they will be focusing on other aspects of the parks for a while like flats and general improvements. To me that is just as important as adding a big coaster.
    • Tayto Park is home to a SBF Visa spinner and the legendary Cu Chulainn wooden coaster. Those two are the only coasters in Ireland... for now.
    • No it won't affect next years addition(s)....as they are already in the process (design, planning, likely site prep, etc.) If anything, I feel like the additions of major coasters have slowed down in recent years anyway...we'll continue to see additions as parks evolve.