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    • Last year I did an eastern trip hitting Lakemont Park, Knoebles, Six Flags Great Adventure (NJ), Hershey Park, and Busch Gardens Williamsburg. (Originally planned to go to Six Flags America but didn't work out). I'm wanting to get back to that side of the country and tack on Carowinds, Dorney, and SFA.  The only park mentioned above that I can give advice on is Busch Gardens Williamsburg. First, if they are offering the rollercoaster insider tour when you are going (given you are into that sort of thing) you should definitely take advantage of it. I wasn't sure how "good" it would be but I had a great time and the cost was not bad (included the tour, parking, and 2 skip the line opportunities on all 4 coasters featured on the tour) My guides Dori and Ethan were very informative, took their time with the group, made sure to get to know everyone, and shared some very good information on the mechanics of the rides/history of the park and the attractions. I would definitely do it again if I had the opportunity. In my experience, the food offerings were good and themed to each area of the park. Other information to keep in mind is that Loch Ness Monster is often the first coaster to open in the morning while Verboten is usually the last to open so running straight to the back of the park probably isn't the best idea. Whenever I was there in Aug 2022, Loch Ness Monster closed an hour before the rest of the park (not sure if that's normal or was just that day type of deal but they should have a sign posted if a ride is closing early) Also, if you ride the Skyride, keep in mind that you must exit at the next station (there are 3) and you will have to wait in line again to proceed to the next stop (many guests seemed to be arguing with staff that they wanted to ride "roundtrip" because they had left family members, strollers, wheelchairs, etc at the station they came from)  Hope you have a great time and make sure to give us all a full report on KICentral.  
    • My biggest question with it is if it is for a 2024 project, why doesn't the notice of commencement say 2024? The Orion one said "2018, 2019, and 2020 additions and modifications to Kings Island Park" this one just says "2022 and 2023" meaning the work is to be completed in 2023. 
    • They could very easily have also used the fact Adventure Port was announced late (along with the notice) as a way to hide a later, major, addition.  Of course we won't know until later if anything does happen. It's fun to speculate.
    • I am still a little confused by the Notice of Commencement. A lot of manufacturers were listed that almost seem copied over from the last Notice of Commencement. If Kings Island is working with B&M, it could be for new parts for an existing B&M, and I believe SkyHigh Coasters also offers the service to remove rides like SlingShot.
    • Knowing they can disable the magnet… all the more reason for such possibilities at CoasterStock… 
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