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    • Most giga stations aren’t that big (considering how the trains aren’t particularly long). Also it doesn’t really need to be wide considering there will almost certainly be a ride separator keeping the number of people in the station limited.
    • Doesn't the "station" seem incredibly small?    Is that all of it?  Just the one "hangar" shape? 
    • I earned 15% off food but I sure do not know how to use it. I thought it would either automatically come off when using a pass or maybe the cashier would ask me to redeem it but neither happened tonight. 
    • I was there tonight too and it was packed like Sardines. Probably due to being the first nice Sat we have had for Winterfest. Mystic was running really well and my first ride and my last were back row right side. Got 2 rides in first thing at opening and my last 2 rides were the end of the night. My Last ride ended at 10:03PM . Not sure how many trains went out after. Likely not many. I did not run into anybody I know but then again I don't really know anybody here in person either. I went to Snow Day Buffet at 4:30pm and was really impressed. Much better than last time. Ham was strangely missing from the menu but there was Roast beef, Pork and turkey. Food was hot and the buffet was full. Had all 3 kinds of meat, mac and cheese rolls and the salad. I was really happy to find hot chocolate. It either wasn't there last time or wasn't marked as such. Cookies on the other hand are now on small plates. So you can't pick and choose like you could before. I did Snow Works once and the line was long but moved quick. Rode Boo Blasters to get out of the cold and my blasters were broken. Watched the show in the Kings Island theater and I watched What the Dickens. Couldn't show laughing during that show. I had a really fun night and I plan on going back for Ugly Sweater night and New Years Eve if it doesn't rain.
    • I love Kentucky Kingdom's internet presence haha  They've had interactions with even Universal because of their nonstop meme-age :p I also love that they acknowledge the roughness of T3 when they advertise that ride on Instagram :p
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