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    “When Kings Island opens to Gold and Platinum Passholders for preview night on April 19th, guests will get a first look at the completely restored characters and new clock at the main Festhaus entrance in the Oktoberfest area of the park.” https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2019/march/glockenspiel-to-return-for-kings-island’s-2019-season
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    I love the renovations that we are seeing this off season. A big ride is nice, but these little things make a big impact as well. To me they are just as appreciated!
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    I find it really interesting that after Mike Koontz became GM/VP of KI we're getting all these awesome renovations. Truly feels as if we've got someone in leadership that really cares about the park, the history and the like.
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    Hmm...it's as if someone reads these message boards, listens, and implements... Winterfest, IS restoration, themed music, glockenspiel...all things we have discussed here. Dare we discuss a Racer renovation? Lol. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    My Lord they are not only knocking the ball out of the park... they are hitting the moon. I cannot tell you how much the restorative effort they are putting into the park means to me, us, all. I am so glad to know KI is finally in the hands of those that cherish, respect and honor it's past as much as its future. APPLAUSE!!!
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    Giga Confirmed! Once I saw this, I knew I had to post it!
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    Not be blunt, but I cannot for the life of me understand why some are thinking that a flyer is within the reasonable realm of possibilities. If this means anything, the flying concept has been available for nearly two decades now, and Cedar Fair has yet to originally install one (X-Flight opened under Six Flags). I'd think it be even more unlikely that they start on this concept at a park that just removed one. (And for this same reason, I'm skeptical as to whether we will see a flyer (albeit a B&M one) installed at CP or any CF park for this matter). Personally, I give the chance of a flyer at KI about the same chance of a stand-up. Which is to say - practically zero. Banshee - while there was just a modest increase in attendance (+0.9) seen from its debut year, as far as ridership goes, it actually performed incredibly well - took in over 2,000,000 riders. Also there was a huge jump in attendance in 2015 (+2.9). While that year also saw the additions of Woodstock Gliders, and Snoopy's Space Buggies, I can imagine a good amount of those extra attendees were going to experience Banshee for the first time after perhaps not having been able to make it out to KI the year before. Either way, the situation is most certainly not "stagnant" Mystic Timbers - As noted above, 2017 was a particularly strong year for KI. While there were other factors at play, I would surmise based on how well-received the ride was by the average guest, it was a driving factor. And its intectually dishonest to call it "one of the most expensive wooden coasters" (Do you mean in park history, or industry-wide?). First off, as of a few years ago, Cedar Fair no longer releases official investment numbers on rides, as they consider it propriety. There is a number floating around on Wikipedia claiming "$15,000,000" but I take with that with less than a grain of salt as there was not a reference attached to that claim. Based on similiar rides and with inflation, I'd estimate MT to have cost somewhere between $10-12 million. Prowler for example, which opened in 2009, cost about $8 million. Typical GCIs are relatively inexpensive to large B&Ms such as DB ($22m) and Banshee ($24m). As for 2018? Yes, the park did have a disappointing year. However, this was not unique to KI, but chainwide - even at CP amidst opening Steel Vengeance. Barring the economy retracting significantly this upcoming summer, I'd predict a bounce-back year, particularly at KI with the long-awaited return of Antique Cars. While I will not deny there has sort of been an 'entitlement' aspect to all of this - almost to the point where it feels like were "owed" something (even though were not "owed" anything) - I'd say there's been plenty of legitimate circumstancial evidence to hypothesize a giga. I mean after all, there's way to have "legitimate proof" until its announced or if/when blueprints get leaked. Let me put it this way... Suppose that GM Mike Koontz didn't say at Coasterstock last year that he recommended a giga to the board, and there weren't NOC documents filed listing B&M for years 2018-2020, and that it wasn't true that KI outranks both CW and Carowinds (parks which both have a hyper and giga each) by a large margin in revenue ? Then yes, I guess you could see it as being 'built up by the fans more than legitimate proof'. But this simply isn't the case... Hype surrounding SOB 2.0 last summer? Now THAT was built up entirely by the fans. But project giga? Not nearly as much... Well, the thing is Mr. Koontz already had said that he recommended a giga to Cedar Fair. Therefore, you're implying the GM was unwise in doing so!
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    Here is another view of the clock. It is really exciting to see all the detail work this season! If you have not read the whole blog post, please do so and see the rest of the pics.
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    I think Mr. Kootnz has a huge influence, but I also think the reaction to Winterfest has energized the park. I think the company is seeing the value of the investment and furthering it more. Winterfest has really excited me. I am an old man, but it truly brought back the magic of the KI of my youth. IS seemed alive. Kids may not express it, but the music, smells and sights can be cemented in your mind. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Things like this matter in park quality. Without a doubt, current mgmt is sending the Taft parks back to the top after they bottomed out during the Paramount years.
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    2019 is definitely going to be a year to remember!
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    The thing that I think a lot of folks on here are forgetting is that we're enthusiasts. It's nothing for us to make 4 or 5 trips a year to our favorite theme park. 10 to 15 times a year isn't even unheard of, but for the general public, you sometimes go once a year, every couple of years. New rides typically will draw a bigger crowd, but how many of those people are the enthusiasts that would have been there to ride their favorite coaster, and how many are the general public coming to the park for a day with their family? Life's expensive now a days. Here in Indianapolis, house prices are soaring to new heights (anecdotally, my neighborhood crested 200k for houses like mine, that I paid 115k for 10 years ago). The days of family vacations are getting slimmer. Do I believe a giga coaster would draw crowds? Sure. I'm certain it would draw me, and most of the forum members.... but I try to go at least 1 time a year to KI among my other favorite theme parks around the country. On the flip side of that, however, I am 100% certain that I'll make a couple trips this summer with my family, because I know my kids will love the new KMAA the same way I loved them when I was their age. Basically what I'm getting at here, is that throwing new and better coasters brings people that like coasters, but putting in flat rides and family experiences brings families, and while I eat at least 2 meals a day when I'm in the park on one of my "daddy is going coastering" days, I buy 8 meals a day, souvenirs, game play, and about 50 drinks when I'm there with my whole family. The money comes from the family friendly things to build the giant earth shattering coasters that we all love. All of that being said, BRING IN THE GIGA FOR '20!!
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    I'll take all the 2019 improvements over a big ride any time. Just awesome stuff. The Festhaus getting some much needed German flair back!
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    Cue the chicken dance!!! Seriously there are so many great improvements this season I'm PUMPED. =D
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    This is cool to see. Just keep it working, please. For multiple seasons, not multiple months.
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    Awesome!! Had a feeling this might happen seeing the new little fountain or garden being built in front of Festhaus. Hopefully we see more German themes return to oktoberfest!
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    Since the park has shown their pictures of the new Kings Mills Antique Autos from just above the ride, I feel I can post this. Of course, I took it with my S9+ from around 600 feet in the air.
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    Most have watched the Youtube video of "Beast Unleashed", a non official Giga concept making its way across the internet. This spawned a wave of excitement on social media, the enthusiast community, and even made local news. Kings Island fans believed, and some still believe, the park will be getting "Beast Unleashed" in the next season or two. This of course, was just an excellent fan made concept that was not associated with the park. In this latest podcast we talk with KIC Member RuthlessAirtime who was the creator of "Beast Unleashed". Before listening to the podcast, please watch the video if you have not already done so: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mV5UyTOezvY https://kicentral.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/KIC-Podcast-5.mp3
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    Spectacle of Color Parade Duration: 30 - 40 Minutes Take in extraordinary sights and sounds of sparkling floats and extravagantly costumed performers during the Spectacle of Color parade hosted by the King of Carnivale. An electrifying musical score fills the air as a larger-than-life elephant, Bollywood performers, a Jules Verne airship and more take to the street to delight park guests. Activities and interactive experiences make this one parade you won’t want to miss. Carnivale Street Party Duration: Until Park Closes As the parade concludes, thunderous music builds to a crescendo and the King of Carnivale kicks off a street party filled with performers, an interactive dance party and more. Grand Carnivale
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    I’m so excited! I have never seen the clock and glockenspiel in their full glory...yet. Add this to the growing list of exciting improvements for this year!!
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    Winterfest is my favorite time to go to the park.
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    This makes me so happy! I remember watching the figurines dance as a kid. Hopefully they will still use the Chicken Dance Song. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Definitely enjoying seeing the outcome of this so far. I jumped the gun voting on this one before it was posted all the way! Fun poll though.
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    I could have swore Behemoth that opened in '08 was the one that started that trend...with DB following in '09....followed by Intimidator in '10 and Shambhala in '12. The same year Shambhala opened, B&M brought their first version of a Giga Coaster with Leviathan, utilizing the 4-across seating, Fury 325 also utilized the 4-across seating. The most recent hyper, Mako, opened in 2016 with the 4-across seating as well.
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    John Matarese should get a KIC account!
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    Just rode CS. Fun, fast, lots of hanging air time. Excellent job on the theming and an all around great addition!!! I will say the 2 shoot outs have a bit more force than it looks like in the videos. Definitely proves that a new ride doesn’t have to break all the records to be fun!!!
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    Grand Carnivale (I am here for those kinds of festivals), KI&MVRR (it's the one non-coaster ride I almost always make sure to ride), Adventure Express (is bae), Viking Fury (I have beef with it), Invertigo (because Invertigo.)
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    Fresh deep fried corn dogs anyone?
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    My Votes (and my reasons for each): Most Anticipated 2019 Feature: International Street Renovations The Antique Cars are a great addition for families, but based on rides I have done at other parks similar to them, they are probably not for me (though they probably will make the back of Coney Mall look and feel much nicer). So I am looking forward to the I-Street updates, particularly how the Royal Fountains are going to look and function in 2019. Favorite Non-Coaster: Delirium I love this huge flat ride. Swinging 137 feet in the air, spinning slowly, and dropping at 75+mph while getting airtime is just so fun to me, and is actually a bit relaxing at the same time. Favorite Coaster: The Beast Largely for the epic night rides- by day, I do find Diamondback, Mystic Timbers, and Banshee more enjoyable but after dark even though those 3 all get better, The Beast becomes something else and crushes them all. Being buried deep in the woods behind KI, racing through dark tunnels, the awesome views from both lifts, and the double helix finale at the end are all big reasons I find this ride to be awesome. Least Favorite Non-Coaster: Boo Blasters on Boo Hill This attraction just feels kinda cheap and gimmicky to me. The guns often being tricky to use doesn't help much at all. From what I have seen, I probably would have liked Phantom Theatre a LOT more than this. IMO, Kings Island needs a better dark ride. Least Favorite Coaster: Invertigo I didn't vote for any "kiddie" coasters because I think including them in a poll like this is a bit odd, since they are clearly aimed at younger riders. But of the "adult" coasters, I find Invertigo the worst- it is still a good enough ride, but something has to be the worst in the park (I don't think KI has any truly horrible coasters ATM). Invertigo is a short ride, and while it has great forcefulness, but when Invertigo gives a rough ride (I feel you have a 50% or so chance of getting either a smooth or rough ride here) I get headbanged no matter what I try, which sucks. And is enough for Invertigo to get my vote here.
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    We brought the wrong stroller to Disney and they told us at the gate and took us over to get a stroller rental free of charge and we picked up our banned stroller when we left for the day.
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    I don't care about the quote, I just like the screen name!
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    Say what you want about Disney, but they have their stuff together. They will come up with a fair and reasonable process to make this all work. Maybe let them use a rental stroller in place of their own. Remember when KI had a Jr Gold Pass and if your kid grew to be higher than 48" (or whatever) it was the responsibility of the admissions employee to tell the person, "Sorry, I know this pass worked last week, but you're going to have to stand in another line and then pay us an additional $25. Next please!" Yeah, that doesn't happen with Disney. Thank goodness Jr Gold Passes (at least) are gone now.
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    That may be true, but I think that the DB-style seating was also more of a trend for the 2005-10 range and both guests and parks prefer the shorter 4 person across trains. Otherwise some parks would still spring for it.
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    I think it's funny that they have the SOB logo with the loop and the name "Kings Island" under it. Cedar Fair took control of KI on July 30th, 2006. It was still marketed as "Paramount's Kings Island" for the rest of the year. The incident that resulted in the loop being removed was on July 9th, 2006. So technically that ride never operated at Kings Island.
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    And now it's named Hank's, like Tom Hanks. Coincidence? Probably.
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    @Drummermattk nice pic! I really need to make my way to that park and check it out for myself.
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    I'm really looking forward to the cod at Brew House. I'm also looking forward to Tots!
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    I still say the KillMart buidling would make an ideal location for an indoor dining facilty--AC in the summer, heat in the winter. Also would be a great spot for patio dining with great views of The Racer, Zepher, and KMAA.
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    Personally, I'd like to see KI get another launch coaster at some point, one that shows how far launch tech has come since the 2 coasters it currently has (I'm talking 70+ mph launch and elements getting towards 200 ft). A 3rd Premier or a S&S would be great.
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    Looks like at least one of the ride's billboards is a fun homage to a former attraction in that space, Zodiac. I wonder if the others will be similar.
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    You could very well be correct. I’ve heard they’ve put quite a bit into this. This will be interesting to say the least.
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    I’m really glad to see things like this coming to fruition. It reminds me of how Universal does things - seasonal festivals that become a “must see” throughout the year. Very cool!
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    Time Traveler seems like it would make use of a lot of Voban.
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    *Double post* and I do apologize but I just have to show you my latest creation! I took out Invertigo and installed an Intamin Blitz coaster. Its a double launch. UP the first hill and then over the water. Couple inversions and water elements when the water launch happens. I give you " El Lobizon". An amazon werewolf creature stalking the rain forest and Congo Falls.
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    ^^ What is the gray line? If that is the queue line. That's the longest queue line in the history of lines.
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    I really just think KI needs something aggressive. The most aggressive thing in the park in the final helix on Beast imo.
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    Yesterday, in line for Vortex, a group of non-enthusiasts overhearing our conversation about the ride asked us about it sinking into the ground. I held back my laughter. A bit disheartening to see that the rumor has spread beyond enthusiasts, but I was glad that I could dispel it for them!
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    “?” Just a suggestion but a bit more proper grammar, maybe a tad less pithy, liberal use of emoticons and people may just start liking you around here. It helps.
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