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Kings Island Announces Kings Mills Antique Autos for 2019!

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57 minutes ago, silver2005 said:

So when does the guide rail go on top?  Is it embedded into the concrete as it dries or is it bolted down? 

Welded, per the manufacturer. Metal anchor plates are spaced approximately every 5 feet and embedded into the concrete, then the guide rail is welded in place and ground smooth.






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On 1/19/2019 at 11:40 AM, sixohdieselrage said:

Makes sense they would weld it, as welds are stronger than the parent material, hence wont break like bolts, last longer (provided they dont get any porosity), and can be a smoother joint. Looks like a single J butt weld from their diagram. Hard to see though. 

I'd say it's just a fillet weld.  They don't show any prep work to the base material being done.  Still a very strong weld though.

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Was one I always really enjoyed to slow down for a bit.  For some reason I seem to remember being more fond of getting on in Rivertown over the Coney entrance.  It would have been almost the same ride I'd imagine?  Anybody know what the main differences may have been?  I can just remember preferring that one is all.

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