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Adventure Port Construction Updates


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19 hours ago, silver2005 said:

We're in RCT territory. ;)

Yep I played the old classic one when I was a kid and I remember that if you charged more than 20c to use the restrooms your park rating would start to tank from all the complaints. KI better be careful with their bathroom marketing strategy here....

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44 minutes ago, Oldschool75 said:

How would you even come to that conclusion?

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The bottom of the building that can be seen from the webcam is now a light blue. Before, the whole building was beige. It is starting to look like it will look like it does in the concept art.


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1 hour ago, SonofBaconator said:

This might have been discussed but is the concept of Oktoberfest truly gone from the park? Do you think they’d ever try and do a legit festival like Cincinnati does in September?

KI already does a festival in September with Tricks and Treats along with Haunt. Now, I would like to see them do an Oktoberfest like event and combine it with Tricks & Treats

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I really like the switch to a Mayan civilization theme for Adv Express seeing as it matches the Sol Spin very nicely and the rest of the newly themed areas. Can't wait to actually hear the backstory/que theme for Adventure Express when it reopens. I'm still hoping for Adventure Port on Opening Day and none of this wait until May type of stuff (aka beast re-track) also if they are taking the time to repaint the heads on the lift hill, I can't wait to see what they do with the tunnels! 

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