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    As we come close to another exciting season at Kings Island for 2017, we are also celebrating Kings Island's 45th anniversary season. Kings Island Central had a chance to talk with Don Helbig about the construction of Mystic Timbers. Here is what he had to say about the process of building Mystic Timbers this past off-season. What has been the biggest challenge with building Mystic Timbers? The ride is being built in the middle of the park and interacting with a couple of existing rides with White Water Canyon and the train. When a ride is being built in an expanded area such as Banshee was, there is more back road access to get trucks and machinery in the construction location. How has the public responded to the announcement of Mystic Timbers? We’ve had a great response to the ride. With each construction image we post on our social media channels, the anticipation and excitement continues to grow. What is left to finish before we see trains testing? There’s still areas of the track where steel needs to be placed, the station and queue area needs to be completed, and there’s electrical work to do before trains will be placed on the track and we begin the initial series of test cycles. How has the mild winter helped or hurt the construction of Mystic Timbers? The mild winter has helped. There haven’t been any delays due to snow, ice and extreme cold conditions. What was the inspiration for the themeing of Mystic Timbers (besides Rivertown?) Once the name was selected, the backstory and ideas for theming began to develop. For guests that have not ridden a coaster designed by Great Coasters International, what can they expect from the ride experience on Mystic Timbers? Mystic Timbers is a modern day wooden roller coaster, a ride that will be both thrilling and fun for our guests. It will be non-stop action from the time you plummet down the lift hill through the end of the ride with lots of twists, turns and an abundance of airtime. Everyone wants to know: #WhatsInTheShed. What are some of your favorite guesses from fans, and has anyone come close to figuring out the mystery? A wide net has been cast with the guesses we’ve seen. The variety of guesses would be my favorite. People haven’t zeroed in on one particular idea. What types of testing must Mystic Timbers be ran through before it can be certified by the state? (Examples: test runs, track checks, electrical testing, brake tests.). The ride will go through a series of operational, mechanical and electrical tests before it’s certified to operate by the state. Every ride in the park will go through the same process before the park opens for the 2017 season on April 15. One of the things we're most excited for in 2017 is Mystic Timbers' interactions with White Water Canyon and the KI & Miami Valley Railroad. What interactions with the rides do you think guests will enjoy the most? The number of times the ride crosses over water is something riders on Mystic Timbers will enjoy. The ride experience on White Water Canyon and the train will be a lot different with it now being a different setting you’re traveling through. Many KICentral members are taking part in the First Riders Auction to be among the first to experience what's in the shed. How is the Andy & Jordan Dalton Foundation using the funds raised for the event? The Andy and Jordan Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing life-changing experiences to seriously ill and physically challenged children and their families in the Cincinnati area. The funds raised from this event will help provide those life-changing experiences for a number of families. It’s a great cause and gives being one of the first riders a whole new meaning.
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    Doesn't matter whether you're talking about photos or not. You're still asking him to reveal secrets that he is not authorized to reveal. If he posts anything at all, even a single word, that gives away or even hints at non-public information, he is very likely to be immediately fired. Multiple reminders to new employees about that have been posted on KIC in the recent days and weeks. So basically, don't ask for anything at all, not even cryptic hints. You won't get them unless somebody wants to get fired, and even if that were to happen, the moderators of this site would delete the post faster than you can say "you're fired".
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    It's hard to believe that something that started out in my bedroom at my parent's house has grown into something so big. It has brought me to do some very cool things and meet some very amazing people. It has brought and organized thousands of people together to discuss and enjoy Kings Island in ways never imaginable. (Those couples that got married, I'm looking at you!) And be a cornerstone in individual professional resumes to grow their professional career and growth. Today we take another step forward in the evolution of KICentral. A new modern design, faster and more dynamic site response and community-based content. In the past, it used to be that all site edits were through my Dreamweaver program and uploaded. Now with Wordpress, new dynamic forum software, and updated photo gallery engine, myself along with Robbie, Matt, and Brad can together cultivate and manage new content to grow KICentral. We will also be reaching out to some individuals to become contributors to the main site. Keep tuned into KICentral.com as we continue to push out new updates all season long. We have plenty of new content to publish ranging from 1971 to Mystic Timbers construction updates and other surprises during this 2017 season!
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    GUYS. LOOK. Sent from my VS987 using Tapatalk
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    New website will be coming soon, per KI's Twitter page.
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    So you want tight turns, low friction turned on, and guests puking every where?
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    Test run confirmed!!! And video of it on @KingsIslandPRs Twitter [emoji33] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Edit Twitter Link:
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    Sharing this from @KingsIslandPR Instagram! The station looks great!!! Edit: the caption says "A look inside the station on Mystic Timbers" Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I'm literally freaking out right now! The theme is fantastic and the truck looks even more amazing in person then it did the animation! I'm getting more and more excited as the days pass! April 14th hurry up! (or 13th, and 15th for some people.)
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    Here's a pic of the lights on the lift hill! Link for webcam pic: https://www.visitkingsisland.com/online-fun/webcams-7315_34349
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    Not everyone knows where "you are." It's marketing. Free advertising. Just like most big-name parks now put the park name on the fronts of coaster trains. So when selfies, newspaper photos, FB and Instagram and Twitter pics all get posted - they advertise the park. Not everyone knows where Mystic Timbers is... this way they'll know.
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    Since the webcams are down, I'm just going to use the Google Maps satellite image to see what's going on with Mystic Timbers. Yeah.....birds eye, baby. HOLY CRAP! IT'S GONE! IT'S ALL...JUST....GONE! And there's some huge thing where Banshee should be!!! What happened overnight!?!?
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    This isn't an outstanding example, but it IS an example of a wooden coaster with on-board lights: (Source: forums.planetcoaster.com) National Amusement Devices was a major player in the pre-KI amusement industry. Their Century Flyer trains (pictured above) were capable of having up to three lamps installed in the first car: the two shown in the picture, and a third in place of that red circle in the middle. Century Flyers used to be everywhere, but now (to my knowledge) only exist on three coasters today: Thunderbolt at Kennywood, Blue Streak at Conneaut Lake Park, and Big Dipper at Camden Park (which I believe is the ride pictured above.) Lil' Dipper at Camden is (again, to my knowledge) the only coaster out there with NAD's kid-sized version of Century Flyers. I've read before somewhere (I've forgotten the source--it's been years) that the jostles and jolts of wooden coasters would knock something out of place in the lamps and destroy them. I've gotten the impression that many parks would, over time, remove them and provide some kind of non-technical placeholder that was easier/cheaper to maintain. Until very recently, all three trains on Kennywood's Thunderbolt looked something like this: (Source: Negative-G) In 2014, Penn State's Theme Park Engineering group made a proposal to restore the headlamps on Thunderbolt using LEDs. (Here's a link with a short write-up.) When Thunderbolt opened for 2014, the two headlamps on the red train were updated, but the green and blue trains remained the same. Here's what the new headlamps looked like: (Source: Kennywood Connection) Unfortunately, I don't know that the restoration ever continued beyond that point--or even that the red train's lights ever were functional. I've never witnessed them working myself, and I've never read any reports that they were operational. I've also never heard whether or not the blue or green trains were completed--I don't think I've been to Kennywood in the summer since 2014. Whether this is due to the lamps not functioning or due to them not being a priority for Kennywood at the moment, I'm not sure. So yes... lights on a wooden coaster have been done before. Kinda. I just don't get the impression that it's ever worked particularly well.
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    I posted this in the general discussion but it belongs here too:
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    The details behind the switch are it was a management decision. Running both sides forward again was a return to how the ride operated from its opening in 1972 through spring 1982, which is where nostalgia came into play. Something old was new again for our guests.
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    I was under the impression there wouldn't be a gift shop directly near the ride.
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    When you move into Island Club because it has a view of the park, and you start designing your dining room accordingly... The tower decal I got at Menard's. I'm having photos of Banshee and Diamondback from last season blown up into box-canvas paintings at FedEx Office, and I'm going to hang them on either side of the mirror. We also have candles whose fragrances are like those in the park during the summer. When family comes over this season, I want them to feel the excitement of being near the park the night before. Still a work in progress, but a dream-come-true. Yeah, big fan here.
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    2017 Park map is out! Here's Mystic Timbers (Photo from Kings Island's website) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Don said it interacts with the train and WWC. I would also say on a thematic level it interacts with RFYLCB. The lumber company themeing along with the "logs" zipping by adds to the overall theme imho.
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    Keep in mind that Taft hasn`t owned the park since 1984. So the comparison to their theming might be a stretch. However, I think that the theming of this ride fits perfectly with the Rivertown theme area of the park. Kudos to Kings Island and Cedar Fair. If only we could get some more Octoberfest theming back into the park, and revamp the classic midway feel of Coney, we will have some great theming.
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    That land clearing behind Banshee has been discussed for a few years on KIC. That seems to be their go to spot for dirt, or dumping location if dirt is removed elsewhere in the park for any reason. I don't see any significance at this point to it being a new ride land clearing area.
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    Why does this picture just have 1 hat in it off to the left?
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    I think for a lot of us, it's satisfying just to know they're on site, because that means testing won't be delayed. I think showing us without showing us was the perfect way to satisfy our anxiety without (yet) satisfying our curiosity. For me, it was much more important to know they're there than to get a clear look.
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    Exits on the K.I. & Miami Valley Railroad haven't changed.
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    Cannot wait to cross under this gateway to Mystic Timbers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Pretty soon this topic will be dead and gone. And in a few years there will be threads just like the ones we've had over the last year.
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    As Terpy liked to say: Line length is not an indicator of popularity. To add my own two cents: Why? Assuming that each train or cycle is mostly full, there is functionally no difference in total ridership regardless of whether the ride typically has a 5-minute wait or a 45-minute wait, because the number of trains/cycles dispatched per hour is not affected by the line length. The same number of people are riding it either way; the only difference is that many people think one ride isn't worth losing more than 5 minutes in line, while many people think the other ride is worth losing 45 minutes of their day. But that too, is not an indicator of whether the ride should be removed, else all small rides would be removed and replaced with shiny new record-breaking roller coasters. Each ride fills a need in the park. The Bat, in combination with The Racer, serves as the "next step" for a 48" child after conquering Adventure Express and Backlot Stunt Coaster. Congo Falls also helps fill a hole: it and White Water Canyon are the only two rides with a 46" requirement, so it gives those who have conquered everything in Planet Snoopy (where the biggest height requirement is 44") something new to do while waiting to hit that magical height of 48". Essentially, some people here are trying to make it as simple as "this has short lines and thus isn't popular, so let's get rid of it", but that is wrong on multiple levels. There are many things to take into consideration here.
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    "Is so smooth." "I thought it was going to be bumpy." "The Beast is so rough now." "Why can't The Beast be this smooth??" "It hurts now when I ride The Beast." "I won't even ride The Racer anymore"
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    I'm very intrigued by how the KI GP will react to the ride when they actually ride it.
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    Ahh my favorite wooden coaster trains. Not only are they comfortable, but the single-row trailered cars track so much better than PTCs! Those of you that have never ridden a GCI are in for a real treat. It will probably be the smoothest traditional woodie you'll ever ride (at least in the first season). Did I mention how PUMPED I am to finally have a GCI at Kings Island?? I've been wanting one for years!
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    I hope Mystic Timbers with added lights doesn't lag....:P
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    I think this would be an extraordinarily bad idea for KI. Remember what it was like when all renewing passholders got a single free one to use on something like one of six days? Remember how the regular line and Fast Lane ended up being about the same? Even though there is supposed to be a daily limit on the number of Fast Lanes? That was only 1/6 of people who had renewed early, not including new pass sales, etc. I suspect it was as though maybe 1/10 of passholders had a Fast Lane on each of those days. But most of us didn't care because it was free. However there were also some people who paid full price for their Fast Lanes (and probably tickets) on those days, because they didn't know about the copious free ones handed out. I bet that is money they will /never/ be willing to pay to Kings Island again, if they even come back. Now imagine this is pretty much every day, all season. Passholders have paid extra money to stand in line with mostly the same season passholders they would have likely otherwise. But, people paying full fare are going to be upset, and likely not come back again to spend nearly the same amount in one day at the park as some season passholders do all season. Right now, it is good for the park to have season passes relatively cheap, because when we fill the park, it makes regular guests (and a handful of passholders) much more likely to pay quite a bit extra to shorten their lines. However, if we start filling the Fast Lane lines too, it doesn't make anyone happier (including the season-long Fast Lane purchasers), and loses that extra potential big money from daily Fast Lane sales. So, unless the sale of these is limited to maybe 500, and/or priced a lot higher than a single day's Fast Lane (like, at least 5X), it would be a very poor financial move for a park like KI that is already so heavily passholder populated. I absolutely love KI and I want them to do well financially, even if it means losing something that might make things a little better for me. But I don't think it even would be a pleasant experience for the people who buy in. I think it is throwing away big potential money in return for trying (and likely failing) to make enthusiasts happy. I know personally as an enthusiast (with season-long dining added) I probably end up costing the park money over the course of the season. I don't want the park to fail because they've added more perks for jerks like me!
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    Heres to hoping that this is all of the lights. I am hoping that MT is another awesome night ride and that DB stays fairly unlit.
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    Invertigo adds a lot to the auditory excitement when approaching the park, too. I've sat out in the parking lot talking on the phone to my husband, and he could hear it over the phone even. It's a very distinctive clank followed by thrilled screams and whooshing of the coaster along the track, that I very much associate with approaching the park and thinking of all the things I will ride. Even though I rarely ride Invertigo, I would be sad to lose it simply because I would miss its sound.
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    It's interesting because now even some of my classmates who are GP know about Mystic Timbers. At first it felt like only us enthusiasts knew about it, But it seems like a lot of people know about MT. Also something off-topic is my teacher said she knows a lot about coasters and KI, so I asked her how tall Diamondback is and she said it's 350 ft. All I could do is laugh, she also said Beast is a Hyper coaster. Just something I thought I should share with you.
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    You mean Mary Fessler? Source: Picture I took from WCPO.
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    A related side note: my forum page just updated with the new banner image. It looks REALLY sharp, and it brings back memories of the old home page banner. Good job!
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    All are from the park's snap chat! Ladies and Gentleman we only have 33 DAYS!!!!!! (c) KingsIslandPR on Snapchat
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    ^ The on-ride camera will almost certainly use one.
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    Seeing a County Fair / Candy Apple Grove / Gemini Midway treatment to Coney Mall would be a dream come true! The new pavers were a very welcomed addition, but that aside, I'd note that the area has almost completely lost it's identity. And for the sake of everything good, PLEASE return the Coney Mall sign, as it was not only the last identifying sign of the area, but also a "piece" of the park that makes the area give off a different vibe.
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    Front here we had lunch in the Lakeside Dining Room. There was a delicious salad bar, soups, pastas, cookies, and cobbler. It was great to sit down, relax, and warm up before going to the Q&A session. Tony and Jason hosted it, and gave a presentation that summarized the new changes coming to the park for the year. Highlights included: -New "Lights, Camera, Action!" show in the Jack Aldrich Theatre. -Return of Luminosity with all new special-effects and acrobatics, as well as continuing to offer diverse music in order to appeal to all ages. -Cedar Point Express Hotel has a nice refreshed look and logo that includes the Gatekeeper keyhole flyover. Some pictures of the ongoing renovation were also shown. -Bottle-less Season Drink plan--still have the option to purchase a souvenir bottle, but another choice is to not have to worry about the hassle and inconvenience of carrying around a bottle by receiving a new disposable cup each time a drink is ordered using the all-season drink pass (via scanning your season pass). -The Battle for Cedar Point is returning and will be expanded with more queue trivia and entertainment. -This year's tweetup coin will feature the Cedar Point Shores logo. -Beginning this year, all CoasterMania participants will receive a commemorative pin with the year. -Coaster Campout is returning again in May. -Melt Bar and Grilled, the Cleveland Based extreme grilled cheese restaurant/bar will be coming to the park. All because of a tweet jokingly sent out by Tony, Melt replied with serious interest to open a location. It will replace Joe Cool's cafe, the ugly "Wendy's greenhouse" windows will be removed and an outdoor patio will be added. The contract was just signed at 4pm the previous day, and the restaurant is expected to open toward the end of May. -Professor Delbert's Frontier Fling's new name and location was given (although I'm sure everyone already knew and had seen it), and we were also shown its logo. It seems very steampunk but looks really cool and combines mechanical/frontier elements. It will remain an upcharge attraction. -Barnyard is receiving a new entrance, will be expanded, and new animals will be added including another camel and I believe also an ox. -Pony rides will be added in front of the Blacksmith based on feedback and guest surveys. -Somebody asked if there were any plans to bring Midnight Syndicate back, and the vague/hint responses by Jason and Tony made it seem like there could be some possible plans for that, although they didn't confirm it. -Virtual Reality will be returning to Iron Dragon for several months beginning in June I believe and after 6pm when the park is open until 10pm or later. No paperwork or registration will be required unlike last season. Based on Samsung's requirements, the minimum age to ride with Virtual Reality will be 13. It will be the same animation as last year. -A picture of Mean Streak taken from what looked like the bottom of the first drop looking up toward the first element was shown. We were told that more details will be announced when it is beneficial for the park's business, which does make sense. But still it's torture for all of us! Following a short Q&A session, prizes were given away including ride promo VCRs, bags, Mean Streak goodbye pins, and other random stuff. The 10:30 group was the last to be dismissed, and since there were still plenty of extra giveaways, Tony let everyone from my group pick something out before leaving. Following this, we went into one of the ride maintenance buildings. It's always really cool to check out, and it's crazy to see all the coaster trains dismantled with various parts all over the place. The entire event was such a blast, and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. While it ended up being really chilly and windy, that couldn't stop our fun and enjoyment. The hard part now is just waiting until May for the park to open! On the way out, we received an insulated bag, calendar, scarf, and light up foam wand. Everything was greatly appreciated. See you in a few months, CP!
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    And it should be pointed out National Amusement Devices was based in Dayton, Ohio.