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    International street makeover

    I am asking that we close the book on the picture discussion at this point. I am going to close it with this: I try to work very closely with the park to get information to share with you, the members. When they can, they do send us information, pictures, answer our questions for the Ask KI a question thread, and do interviews with us at the park. They do this because we have a good relationship and they want to share our excitement about the park. I would like to keep that relationship to bring you guys information from the park. When the members are not being respectful of their requests and park rules (whether you agree or disagree with them) they are not going to want to continue the same relationship with us. I ask that you keep that in mind as you post on KIC.
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    International street makeover

    KIC does not endorse and highly discourages anyone flying a plane or drone to get pics of International street without the consent of the park. The park will be releasing pictures on the KI Blog, their Social media outlets, to us, and the rest of the media when they are ready.
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    International street makeover

    Just thought this would be a good place to share a pic of International Street that my uncle took in 1972.
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    Some thoughts: ”Outer Limits Flight of Fear” was ONLY at Paramount’s Kings Island for a few days before an exact clone opened at Paramount’s Kings Dominion. If this deal with McDonald’s was only until July 4th then you would have had to acted quickly to ride it because FOF was pushed back until June 18th.
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    Guys, there is not a hidden meaning into everything. Thinking outside the box is great, but the park referring to an animal common around the park is not a hidden message of a new coaster theming!
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    He also has done work for the Disney parks. Many questions still linger. First appearing in the KI Season Passholder FB Group: https://scott-erickson.com/
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    Read more here: https://www.bizjournals.com/dayton/news/2019/01/30/exclusive-dayton-manufacturer-launches-new.html?ana=yahoo&yptr=yahoo&fbclid=IwAR23gSkdvJ6lK6zHKxbNeRCrA5ZJSAmooHs6Hf218xPpSmQn_Fo6mcQHrmk It looks like keeping rides with hard to get parts is a priority for CF. This makes me happy!
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    Again, the photos that I posted from the plane were not a "break the news", or to "know before anyone else does", as there were obviously pictures taken from the ground before hand. Why is it insane to want to fly around the park? Its public airspace. It is no different than you wanting to fly around the Grand Canyon or The Badlands. People like to sightsee. You can't say that you don't like too either. Now, what is the difference between peeking through a construction fence to get pictures, versus being in a plane? Because I am sure you have looked through the fence into the KMAA site during Haunt/Winterfest. I do agree. Trespassing is NEVER ok. And those who do it should be held fully accountable, by whatever means it takes. Now, tell me what exactly what was leaked that you are having a fit about? Going back to what I have said. Drones are a big no. The park does have specific rules about them. But seems like some people have an issue with aircraft as well. I haven't heard the park complain once about any of the pictures I had. So, they must not have an issue with them. I'm sure @IndyGuy4KI can vouch for me on that.
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    Stopped by the KI area today and was suprised at the progress. Looks like that is the drop section that is standing. This was shot in the parking lot of GWL.
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    Oh the things you read on KICentral.
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    The Giga Speculation Thread

    Not sure if many people care for these pictures, but there does appear to be multiple types of track at the plant. Someone can correct me if I am wrong, but the thin spine appears to be a Hyper (both Hyper in B&M's eyes, but that's a different story), and the thicker spine appears to be a giga type. I circled the track below. And the wife drove, so I'm being safe.
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    International street makeover

    Personally I do not see legal aerial photography any differently than when members of this site go and drive past Clermont Steel to take photos, or when permits and other government documents are posted. I have no idea how people can justify one and then complain about another. I see zero difference standing on the side of a road takings pictures of track, or sitting in a plane taking pictures of the park. The poster who took the pictures from the plane has stated they never flew over the park, and I would like to think something similar can be said for the individuals taking pictures at Clermont Steel. I am curious if the posters asking to respect the park and wait will have the same standards when the next coaster is built at the park.
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    Hopefully the landscaping will be phenomenal. I still think it'll look like this
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    It's a couple of pictures of a giant metal hand, tearing up Firehawks track...with maniacal laughing. Similar to this screenshot.... Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    I agree, park improvements are just as exciting for true KI enthusiasts as a new big ride.
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    Not much longer until it looks like my T Road Recreation.
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    Very cool sunset above the site.
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    Oktoberfest through the years

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    https://kicentral.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/KIC-Podcast-4.mp3 Show Notes: Join host Robbie Zerhusen (CoastersRZ) and Brad Perdue (IndyGuy4KI) as they are joined by Eric, KICentral forum member Pianoman. We discuss the recent announcement of renovations and enhancements to International Street and the Royal Fountains. You can find more information on this renovation project on Kings Island`s blog: https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2019/january/international-street-and-royal-fountain-to-get-major-offseason-renovation
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    The Giga Speculation Thread

    Which were likely related to the Kings Mills Antique Autos construction.
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    Request to the FAA install an antenna on the side of the a tower that has a required beacon, likely the Eiffel Tower. Pinnacle Towers, LLC, specializes in brokering the the leasing of the tops of buildings for cellular antennas and small cells. This may mean that they are adding a cell phone tower, it may have to do with some or all of the carriers 5G upgrades, could be for emergency or internal use, or it could mean nothing.
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    International street makeover

    Maybe no harm, but the park has made it clear their feelings on this subject. As enthusiasts we should respect their wishes.
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    ~$30 million projects are not able to be switched around at all, let alone with that short of notice. These things need to be planned meticulously. A company like B&M has so many things going on at once that it’d be impossible to move them all around. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    As a very regular park goer, I feel like the “off” years are often more excited than the “big” years.
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    Expanding Action Zone

    A KIC member once had the idea of merging Oktoberfest and Action Zone into one area called the Black Forest. I wouldn't mind this as long as its done right. Action Zone already has a creepy vibe going for it so it could adopt the Black Forest theme, but the German and European theming would have be consistent throughout both areas.
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