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    After losing 55 pounds, and doing the walk of shame more than once, I was finally able to ride MT tonight! It was well worth the wait. I came in with the mindset of focusing on the ride and not the shed, and can definitely say that ride itself is unique, intense, fun, and makes me want to come back for more. Great night!
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    'Easter egg' As Defined by Websters Dictionary : a hidden feature in a commercially released product If you have ever been to Disney you know they scatter loads of company related content across their parks and attractions, sometimes hidden so well only true fans and enthusiasts find them and understand their meaning. These examples include hidden Mickeys & cross-attraction theming (Matterhorn yeti in Guardians queue). Finding these can be quite the treat! so as you can imagine during my recent trip to Kings Island, I was quite taken back and excited to find these kinds of easter eggs at my former park! I'd like to share these findings with you; however, if you would like to find these yourselves I have put spoiler tags of all the findings. What I will leave unspoiled is the location and the amount of easter eggs found there. Enjoy! Adventure Express 1 Easter Egg Location: Station Racer 1 Easter Egg (with multiple within) Location: Station Flight of Fear 7 Easter Eggs Location: Hanger Beast 1 Easter Egg Location: Queue Mystic Timbers 3 Easter Eggs Locations: Entry Plaza, Shed Banshee 1 Easter Egg Location: Queue Train 1 Easter Egg Location: Ride Vortex 1 Easter Egg Location: Queue Blackout (Haunt Maze) 1 Easter Egg Location: Building These are but a small number of fun things found around the park, I'm sure more are out there! Post here if you have found another!
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    Cross-threading... This isn't about a specific employee, but about park operations in general. I love that Kings Island hasn't given in to the trend among many amusement parks of running a reduced number of trains on the coasters to save money on maintenance when the park is not as busy. They still run as many trains as they can (barring maintenance problems and rain) even on days that are totally dead, and I appreciate the positive guest experience it creates.
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    Here are a couple of pics I snapped during my social media escapades at Coasterstock. (Yes, I won the Social Media Rockstar contest) Not an easy task, but it was fun. [emoji4] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I had a great couple of days at CP last Wednesday and Thursday (5/31 and 6/1). It was our first trip anywhere with our 6 month old son and he had a blast. He took his first ever rides on the carousel and train, and was really fascinated by the sights and sounds. RMC Streak looks amazing so far and the park in general seem to be in great shape. Valravn was down Wednesday afternoon and didn't start testing Thursday until we were driving by it on the way out but we still had a great time regardless. Here are just a few photos from our trip!
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    I was looking for a forum around here that had to do with KI employees. As I am not aware of any, I decided to post this here. So, with my recent trip to KI, I bought the coaster combo tickets. 6 of them in all. I already took my trip to KI, and am looking forward to my trip to Cedar Point in July 15-16th, my birthday weekend. Anyway, I was at work yesterday morning cleaning out my car, which were the remnants of McDonald's and some papers that I was thinking were the preferred parking passes I had bought and used those, so I tossed them in the trash. As it turns out, it was my coaster combo tickets. I panicked and was going to go dumpster diving to retrieve my tickets, except when I got to work, our dumpster had already been emptied. Bummer. I was really stressed out, not knowing what to do about it. I was talking to a co-worker and she said, give them a call and see if they can do anything about it. I thought, yeah, surely they can trace my debit card numbers and see that I had in fact bought them. Minutes before calling them, I had come up with the solution myself...when I purchased the tickets, an email was sent with a link to print out my tickets. If they could email me again, I could print them out again. It's not like I could scam the park and use them at KI again as they had already been scanned at the front gate. I called, spoke to a lady in customer service. She found my order by the phone numbers I had used. It was 2 phone numbers as I had used the same email address for both orders with 2 debit cards used. She sent me the link again and I was able to reprint my tickets. I thanked the lady for saving the day and told her about what a great time we had on our recent visit. Just goes to show you that with the technology and printable online tickets, a crisis has been averted. What has Kings Island done to deserve some praise?
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    You remind me of a certain "gal" I knew back in the speculation thread DB, fondly remembering the past Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    You're right...it's actually built well unlike SOB. SOB also was terrible. Why is everyone so hyped about it? It's re-rideable.....it's filled with airtime....the transitions are crazy....the trains are comfortable....etc.
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    I visited Winterfest back in 2005. I didn`t find anything wrong with the actual event. There could have been a few more entertainment options, sure. But the parade was top notch. The entertainment on the train was also very well done. The big problem that I had with the 2005 version is they wanted to charge pass holders close to $25 a person for admission. Not to mention you would have to pay for parking... With this years incarnation of Winterfest free with Gold and Platinum pass holders that will be a big benefit for the event. Not to mention, from all accounts I have heard of California`s Great America`s version of the event, Kings Island will have a hit on their hands that will continue for years to come. Unlike with the 2005 version (where most of the decorations were rented), Kings Island is apparently upgrading a lot of the infrastructure to make this even successful for the long haul. I am eagerly awaiting Winterfest this holiday season.
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    ^That pretty much hit it on the head. I won't stand in line more than 20 minutes or so for anything at KI, but that definitely does not apply at any other park.. It's just that at KI, I've ridden everything dozens of times and they just aren't worth it to me because, as Goble said, I can always just come back some other time (it's an 8 minute drive from work, so that's even more true for me than it is for him). Not to mention, many of my favorite rides often have very short waits, while rides I don't like as much are often longer. I won't stand around 45 minutes to ride Diamondback when I can go to Banshee or Vortex or Racer (all of which I find much more thrilling) and wait 10 minutes maximum on most days. I see this trend develop in lots of parks that I frequent. SFGAm is practically my second home park at this point, as I go about twice a year typically and I'm seeing this happen there now. Sure, I'll wait 30 to 45 minutes because I can't just come back any time, but put a 3 hour wait for Goliath in front of me and I'll skip it. The ride will likely be there next year, I can try again then. I've also noticed that as rides become stale, the other parts of the park start to shine for me. I used to go full ride warrior on every visit to KI. Now, I'd almost rather just take a nice walk, blue ice cream in hand, and people watch. Maybe catch a ride on the carousel or read a book by the I-Street fountains. Kings Island is my happy place and I love being there. Not wanting to stand in line isn't a matter of being a whiny millennial, it's just that, there are other theme park experiences that I value more. I could live without roller coasters (if I had to... I guess...) but I'd be very very sad if I suddenly lost my ability to go to the park and just enjoy being there.
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    I think they ALWAYS run one train on Invertigo!
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    I am continually impressed by the re-ridability of Mystic Timbers. It's not like Banshee where I get a bit dizzy after every ride. I could sit on Mystic Timbers for hours and not stop giggling at all the airtime. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    ^^ There's another way of dealing with line jumpers that Goble would probably love more.
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    Just a little while ago, I got a call from Robin Igney, the mechandise supervisor who offered to ship me a replacement as soon as I send mine back. I never expected them to do that! A++ customer service from Kings Island!
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    Maybe 5,000 guests are in line at the only open drink stand? (According to some recent posts) /jk Polar Bear. Wife just found this.
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    Went to the park around 7 today to get some rides in and when riding the train I saw a train conductor having some fun. I believe he was fishing a chicken, and on the way back he was playing the banjo on one of the chairs. Always great to see this, and makes me wish they would add some actors/people or props along the train to give it something new. Screenshot is from the live stream I did on my Twitter. You can find and watch the moment here (can see the guy starting at 2:58):
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    Other things I noticed today- - Firehawk has a red 0 car for both trains now - The band for Off the Charts was rehearsing at park close - Goodness gracious Racer needs re-tracking. Even the good seats are getting a bit on the rough side - Diamondback's crew is much improved over previous years, happy to see that with it being my current favorite steel coaster - I'm constantly in amazement whenever I walk down I-Street so far this season, the music brings back so much nostalgia (I know this has been said about a thousand times, but thank you so much KI for bringing the music back), I'm also glad they kept Racer's 70's music station soundtrack - The 80's songs in the shed never get old, Mystic Timbers is kind of the Guardians of the Galaxy of coasters Going back next Tuesday after work to finally get my first Beast night ride of the season along with some Timbers night rides.
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    On my back from CP today, I saw a KK billboard in Cincy, on I-75 north of downtown. A few minutes later, as I was listening to WHAS (a Louisville radio station), Ed Hart was interviewed. The host was making jokes about him being the king of the Kingdom and Mr. Hart repeatedly said that the praise goes to the 1400 team members. I thought that was pretty nice of him to say that.
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    And visually one of the best looking coasters in the park. At least I think so.
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    IMAscore released a small portion of the soundtrack today
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    Anybody know if this new lunch option is on the All Season Meal Plan?
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    You should have tried it when they still had the over the shoulder restraints, now THAT was rough :-)
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    How about the same thing they did for the 40th anniversary? New trash cans! Honestly, I don't anniversaries really mean anything to the park in terms of capital improvements or planning.
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    I was waiting in line at Delirium and as the riders were waiting for the restraints to lift I heard one of them (age 15 or so) use some colorful language. Apparently the ride op heard him as well because she yelled "Watch your language. Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?". The kid was speechless so I guess it worked!
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    Kings Island needs to actually have the Freestyle shack over by the train station open. Everytime I go to Kings Island, this location is never open. That's my only complaint to Kings Island.
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    I couldn't wait to try MT. I didn't do it on my first time down last week. I'm here solo today and headed straight there- probably waited 25 minutes. And IT. WAS. AWESOME. Walked on Boo Blasters and now heading to AE. Sometimes solo is the way to go. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hey guys! I purchased a Gold Pass for the first time in a very long time. I was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio and have so many fond memories of the park in all of its various states since the 80s. I'm also new to the forum. Just wanted to say, "Hey, guys!" I went for my first visit last Friday night, and got my pass and everything squared away. Rode Vortex for the first time in a good while. Is it me or is it different when your 34 than when you're 10? I wasn't expecting to be so dizzy! LOL I also rode BLSC, Eiffel Tower twice (LOVE IT!), Boo Blasters twice and walked around reacquainting myself a bit. I'm looking forward to a great season! Any tips on how to best use this forum via cell phone? I have an iPhone. Also, any vloggers/YouTube peeps out there? I'm hoping to make some nerdy vlogs about the park itself, the history and ride reports and such. I realize it's all probably been said and done before, but this is a new medium for me and I can't wait to film at KI. I'm excited to be here! Maybe I'll see some of you around?
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    To the ride ops on here.... Keep it up! There are tons of people who love the jokes and speils. I personally love it when someone says the wrong ride or park name. I'm smart enough to know what ride I'm on. I'm not going to suddenly think I'm in a totally different park or ride because a ride op joked around. (seriously does anyone really do that?) Keep playing games and trying to get people involved. If someone doesn't want to they can ignore it. When I look around the queue or station most people aren't paying attention. Some are enjoying it and very rarely will I see someone complaining about it. Also speils and jokes do not make a ride unsafe. The ride ops are paying more attention than the guests most of the time. If talking on a mic made the ride unsafe KI would not have the safety record it does. Also the rides themselves have most of the safety checks. You are safe. Ignore the ride ops if you must and enjoy the ride.
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    To be fair, all the crap about ghosts and whatnot is all nonsense anyways. "Legends," pssh, the last thing the park needs is some kid up there going on about how they heard rumors of a ghost. Talk about the train, cool facts about the park, etc, make it entertaining. I think the point teenageninja is making is that oftentimes the joking around, having fun, etc. can improve morale. As someone who's spieled, managed people spieling, audited crews who spieled, etc, I can say that if you get the right person up there they can have a good time and get the proper information out. The truth of the matter is, most people aren't listening anyways. No matter how important or eloquent the message, people in line have their minds on other things. They're not a captive audience. So if you can say "here's where you store your loose articles, fasten your seat belt, and here's a fun quick fact," then who cares? They know safety is the main priority, they're acutely aware of that. Doesn't mean you can't have fun and be entertaining while striking the proper balance. When I was 16, it was always a blast on those final Beast trains to get the guests to play Simon says: "Make a funny face, fasten your seatbelt, quack like a duck, nod your head if you understand where loose articles go."
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    I think the operators should worry more about having a fun and safe riding experience for the guests rather than worry about what "funny" thing they want to say next. I was never in love with the headsets, but was okay with it when it was simple instructions. I think it began to go downhill in 2014 with Banshee having it up so load that I recall kids holding their ears. Since then, it has devolved greatly to the point when they are saying, "Thank you for riding The Vortex at Cedar Point!" when you are riding The Beastie (or whatever it's called now) at Kings Island. The worst - so help me God - is the train. Last year they informed the riders repeatedly that the building of Diamondback at a cost of $22 million was "why drinks are so expensive here." And this year they added that really cool audio bumper for when the train goes under the shed but the ride op takes it upon themselves to talk over it. I do not blame the ride ops for this because if you give a 17 year old an unadulterated microphone then this is inherently going to happen, what's sad is that either: 1) The leadership in that department so rarely visits rides that they don't know this happens. -or- 2) The leadership in that department knows about this and think it's acceptable. And yes - if you work in the rides department and don't agree with this then you're likely a part of the problem.
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    I applaud these actions taken by KK! Sent from my LG-LS993 using Tapatalk
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    Finally got to ride MT last Friday (June 9). Better than I thought it would be. Very, very clever theming. Best queue since Adventure Express - actual thought put into it, not just aluminum railings sunk into cement. I really like how it interacts with its surroundings. Not to mention the coaster itself is amazing. Non-stop, constant changes in direction, and easy on the body. I'm going to go so far to say that it's almost too good. Kings Island didn't seem to "need" this ride, it's almost like a gift. Personally, if I could have imagined what I would have liked to have them build, it would have been something just like this. Installs like this are what put Kings Island on the map. Outstanding job, Kings Island!!!
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    I think part of it is frequency of visits/familiarity with the park/how many times you've ridden that ride before. To me, it's not worth going to Kings Island on a day when there are 30- to 45-minute waits for all the major rides, because I know that I live only 45 minutes away, can come back any time I want with my Gold Pass, and I've ridden everything multiple times before. Now if a new ride opens up at KI (i.e. Mystic Timbers), then initially I'll be willing to wait a much longer time for it. As my familiarity with the ride and lap count grow, the length of time I'm willing to wait for the ride decreases, with the rate of decrease determined by the quality of the ride. On Easter Sunday, I happily waited 45 minutes for my second ride on MT. Tuesday had about an hour wait, and I bailed after entering the line once I saw how long it was, because I'd already had several rides and wasn't in the mood to stand in line for an hour. Come ERT that night, I did happily wait an hour, because I had never had a night ride on MT before. A similar story is when I go to another park that I don't frequently get to. I'll use Cedar Point as an example. At CP, I'd be much more willing to wait 45 minutes to an hour or more for most of the major rides, because of both how much I like those rides and how infrequently I get to CP (I haven't been there since 2014), meaning I have to ride them while I have the chance. Ultimately, I think it boils down to the old saying, "Familiarity breeds contempt." In this case, contempt for long lines.
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    Not sure if these are mentioned in any of the forums yet, but WCPO uploaded a couple videos from 1979 showing The Beast running with four 4 bench trains and lots or aerial footage. Where is the film footage from that train mounted camera? https://youtu.be/lvEw08Id0WA https://youtu.be/VhKr12S2rH4 https://youtu.be/8THrVOGe3Hg https://youtu.be/Fpe2MG2Uj8w Interesting to note how quickly the riders bring the buzz bars down and dispatched, whew. It looked like that dude was granted single rider to get his numbers up. 5 car trains. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rh0yfw8uINE I chose to link the videos rather than embed, hope that's ok.
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    Yesterday I discovered a service that Kings Island has been doing that I was previously unaware of. My husband regularly carries a pocket knife with him and I usually remind him to leave it in the vehicle when we visit Kings Island. But, due to a poorly timed incident of hiccups we were both thrown off when getting to the park yesterday so neither of us even thought about the knife until my husband set off the detector. I expected to make a trip back to the truck with it, but instead they told us we could leave it there. They put it in a baggie with a ticket inside, gave my husband a matching ticket, put it in a closed bin (later moved to a locker) and said we could come back there to pick it up. The whole process of checking the knife and picking it up later was handled extremely smoothly and quickly. I realize I must have actually seen this process happening in line in front of me on other visits but because it doesn't obstruct or slow the line, I didn't notice it going on. If the item had much emotional or intrinsic value, I probably would have urged my husband to just have me walk it out, but I also feel pretty secure after seeing the process that I wouldn't be too worried to use it in the future on something not as easily replaced if lost.
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    I still think this goes along the lines of smoother coasters coming out. To be honest, the newer and smoother a coaster is, the rougher old coasters appear to be. I never think FOF changed in roughness, I think people's tolerance in roughness has changed
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    I was able to get the pulled pork and corn pudding with my dining plan today. Both are tasty, on par with City BBQ.
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    So, my little family made a trek to KI over the Memorial Day holiday weekend. We bought Fast Lane passes for Saturday only. Crowds were only moderate on both days. The FL passes were still completely worth the money. We rode the new Mystic Timbers 3 times on Saturday and twice on Sunday. This coaster surprised me in how smooth it is. I also love the fact that once over the lift hill, MT does not let up the entire ride. As far as what is in the shed, I was not disappointed at all. The theming is exceptional and it was pretty much exactly as I expected. The coaster cars themed as trucks were really cool as well. My son, who is 8, absolutely loved it, as did we all. I enjoy these family trips as we like to take in rides other than coasters. My girlfriend had not been in 25 years, and she loved all of it as well. Bought a drink cup on the second day, which I had wished I had done the first day. These are well worth the money and we all 3 shared one cup. We got in several rides on both days. The weather forecast had been calling for some rain on Saturday and 90% chance of Thunderstorms on Sunday. Did not get any rain of any kind either day. This is the 2nd year that my son has been able to ride a lot of the major coasters. He was in fact brave enough to ride Adventure Express, The Racer, The Beast, Woodstock Express by himself this year. When we had him measured at the front gate, he looked to be about an inch shy of the 52" mark, which he is excited about. He also did the Guessing Game and won himself a frog, which he was terribly pleased with. We stayed at the Super 8 in Mason and same as last year, they have extremely nice rooms and great service. We checked in around 3:30, after lunch at LaRosa's in Rivertown. That place is always a must for us. When we left the park at 10, we went back to our room and took showers. Wasn't long before my son fell asleep. I was able to stay up not much longer than him haha. The crowd on Sunday morning was so light, we had been on 15 rides between 10a-1p. Then the crowd picked up. We bought 3 on-ride photos and a front gate photo as well. Now I see why CF has shifted their focus to families. We easily spent $1,000 in two days there. We also all bought a t-shirt and I got the preferred parking on-line for $25 each day. That is something that I will pay for every time. Well worth not walking a country mile to the car when you need a break. We also got in night time rides on MT and Beast. We all agreed Beast is still #1 night ride. MT is cool, but Beast still has that seclusion that MT seems to lack. Not a knock on MT at all. Also introduced my kid to a back seat ride on Vortex. He loved being whipped through the course and we all experienced air time on the first drop. Never remember getting air time on Vortex. Also, of all our rides on The Racer, I am of the mindset that this coaster should never be replaced. I know we experienced air time at least 6 times on it. Also got a little bit of air time on The Beast on the drop down into the valley. It's so funny to listen to my son explaining nuances of these rides to my girlfriend. He knows a lot about them for an 8 year old. My girl thoroughly enjoyed several rides which were new to her. She loved BL:SC. That launch always seems to make me gray out until the top of the spiral. Still a great coaster. All in all, we had a great time at KI and it was probably the best time I have had. Probably has something to do with enjoying some family time together.
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    Unfortunately Disney already has these guys under contract.
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    I went yesterday with our church's youth group to help chaperone. So many of our "kids" (late teens, early twenties) were knocking MT because it's not "extreme" or doesn't go upside down multiple times. I simply love it - it's easily my current favorite in the park. They also didn't have a good review of the shed. I think the theming and storyline of MT is fabulous - and of my two rides I've gotten two different shed endings. I love it, and hope KI comes up with more super themed experiences like this one. I'm the girl in the green shirt, and the terrified looking girl next to me will be 14 in a few weeks and MT was her first coaster! She rode other things through the day, but said MT was her favorite. Can't say I blame her. [emoji846] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sorry for the double post, but had to share our KIC group photo from meeting the cast on Sunday!
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    We said some interesting ones at Vortex yesterday. Note that these were done as the train either departed or arrived, so we weren't holding anybody up. We still did the "Everybody clap your hands!" and I recall one particular time when the riders, the crew AND everyone waiting in the station were clapping! That was fun. "If you're excited to ride Vortex, high five your neighbor!" Not everyone did that, but for those who did it was fun to watch and fun for them to do (especially since Vortex's restraints limit one's arm movement quite well). "I like blue and orange, but my favorite color is Clear." It took me a moment to get it, but once I did I couldn't stop thinking about it for the following fifteen minutes. Clever indeed...and memorable too! One time the speiler hummed part of the Indiana Jones theme. I bet you know which ride that fits better, lol. "You're rolling out of the station at 3 mph, soon to be 55 mph..." And of course we often said the familiar "six times, three different ways" spiel, as well as "Enjoy your ride on the 30-year-old Vortex," sometimes adding "Yes, 30. This ride is older than [insert fellow crew member name here]" which is true since Vortex is older than pretty much all of us on my crew. "On the count of 2, say Moo. One, two...moo!!!" I had never heard this one before, but I thought that was funny that half the train was mooing on the way out. "...Enjoy the rest of your day here at Kings Island, where there is only one king and that's Vortex." I wondered what the guests were thinking as I knew some would say another ride is "king." "Long time no see, Train 3! How was that ride?" Also one time Train #1 was called "Train Uno." Mixing another language in there, I see, made it a bit more interesting especially since most (if not all) understand that Uno is "one" in Spanish. A full train was often greeted with "Welcome back, cool train!" as a full train is a cool train, after all. Also, on Friday, one of my crew who spieled said "Welcome back, blue train!" to every arriving train. During last hour on Saturday, we spieled to an empty train (albeit inadvertently) at one point. The spieler would say "Those are all my friends" when an empty train would depart, and we would be wishing her "friends" a great ride. And as always, we would often say "Enjoy your ride on Vortex - inversion heaven since 1987." Props to whoever came up with that; very well done.
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    Is this really a subject worth getting upset and arguing with each other over? Not one of us here have any pull to change the ride ops job on a microphone because you may not like it. If you don't like it sure we can discuss it. In doing so, how about doing it respectfully. Another idea besides saying it must go is to make suggestions with an alternative solutions that the park might actually take into consideration. Arguing with each other does nothing but make you loose credibility. Please respect each others opinions and respect each other. I don't know about anyone else, but I would like to hear more about the interesting things you have heard ride ops do while at the park.
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    Hello everyone. It's been a while. You're all looking good. I was recently featured on a podcast about the future of amusement parks. I'd love if you gave it a listen. https://m.soundcloud.com/thefuturejam/ep-13-for-your-amusement
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    What has Kings Island done? Given me (and others here) a job! My job at Vortex has been quite the ride (pun intended) so far and it's been a neat experience! And, in the days prior to mid-2015, let guests stay on a ride for as many cycles as they wanted (if no one was in line) without having to exit. Still miss those days...but I understand why the current policy is in effect. Plus, I have many a fond memory of my numerous Vortex marathons (and other ride marathons too!) to look back on! So thanks Kings Island for many memories made so far and the many more still to be made!! And we can't forget how KI commemorates its history, from retheming Flight Deck to The Bat as an homage to the original Bat, to repainting all of Vortex's station and giving it cool new signs for its 30th anniversary, and featuring The Beast and its legendary history in numerous articles (as well as Racer in a few cases). I love how Kings Island gives its older, historical and iconic rides their fair share of attention as well as the newer rides.
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    If we are comparing The Beast vs. MT, I would say that The Beast has nostalgia and intensity on its side while MT is fun and has awesome transitions. Personally, I like Mystic better than The Beast (and it shows from my ride count!), but under the right conditions, The Beast still is a force to be reckoned with.
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    I know of at least one person that would happily disagree with you. Actually I can think of many, but that is the joy of it all, opinions vary. I personally think Banshee is far superior to Raptor, but again, an opinion. We all have them, and they vary greatly. When it comes to Vortex, age indeed does have something to do with it. Not the steel itself aging, but the technology. Just as KIBeast said in the quoted post, I don't expect a Banshee like ride from 35 year old technology. And as I said in another thread recently, Vortex delivers the ride it was expected to at the time, breathtaking and intense. Another opinion, I love it.
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    Popped into Island Smokehouse today. The place is designed to handle major crowds. Had the shrimp, 6 pieces and fries. Shrimp is cornbreading breaded, surprisingly well cooked, not rubbery and not undercooked. It was very sweet, not overly so, but sweeter than expected. Good meal really as long as you want to finish the meal a bit hungry. I'll try the chicken tomorrow, but it is different than what it used to be. Looks more like chicken shack breading.
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    Soak City is open. I just rode Tropical Plunge and ate at Island Smokehouse.
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    A million times yes! I love going to the park by myself, because you get the complete freedom to ride what you want and go where you want when you want without the rest of the group dragging you to something you're not in the mood for.