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    Don and other higher ups reading this thread
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    "6919" June 9, 2019
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    WCPO referenced this very thread about this topic: https://www.wcpo.com/money/consumer/dont-waste-your-money/kings-island-teases-new-coaster-may-be-coming Along with statement from Chad:
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    So hear me out. I think I’m onto something. If you’re a seasoned KI visitor, you might know that Mystic Timbers features a strange poster at the greeter booth, station, and on a locker in the shed. It’s of this character named Yard Boss Campbell who works in Wood Shed 2. I’m not sure if this is an extension of the lore of the ride or not, but I think it’s safe to assume as much. Either way, I happened to find a high-res version of this poster, and I think there’s some interesting stuff in it that might help lead us to more clues. If you zoom in to Yard Boss Campbell’s Miami River Lumber Co. Hoodie, you’ll see a hidden pieces of text. It’s pretty blurry, but with some Photoshop work, I was able to make out the phrase “Check Wood Shed 2”. You can also see “9:59 PM" If you’re familiar with the queue, the first queue-house is labeled Wood Shed 2. It features a backpack and a walkie-talkie that will occasionally make noise. Just the other week at 9:59 PM, I made my way into the Wood Shed 2 part of the Timbers queue to take a peek. I’m not sure how anyone has missed this so far (probably because the fireworks start just a minute after the fact, sneaky KI), but at 9:59PM every night, the walkie talkie says 1 specific line: “Call Coriell’s. Ask for Outpost 5.” Crazy stuff. It turns out Coriell's is a clothing company that must have created the outerwear for the Miami River Lumber Company, and is based in Idaho (The same state as RMC!) I called Coriell's HQ and was met with a kind woman’s voice, asking me if I had any questions about their apparel. I kindly asked about Outpost 5. There was silence at the other end of the line. 10 seconds. 15 seconds. 30 seconds. Then a different voice came on the line, this time a gruff sounding old man. He asked me for the password. I scrambled, as this was an unexpected turn of events. There was no such information provided on the Yard Boss Campbell poster as far as I could tell, so I instead just came up with the first Mystic Timbers-related word I could think of. “Shed.” The man’s tone suddenly changed from gruff and staunch to warm and inviting, perhaps even relieved. What he said next will stick with me forever. “The Son will return. But there’s more for you to discover first.” I’m convinced these Yard Boss Campbell signs are meant to act as teasers for a new KI attraction. Probably worth looking into more.
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    Outpost 5 symbols popping up...

    I'm telling you - the people who do the themeing love the throw backs as much as we do. These are easter eggs, not teasers. If they were intended to be teasers then they would be way, way more obvious.
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    Which coaster gets the RMC axe?

    Best answer and most logical thinking. RMC is good for a problem child coaster. The only problem child Woddie we had was removed. Yes I would like to see an RMC at KI, but ground up. Why do they have to transform an existing coaster?
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    I am showing my age here, but I'm surprised it hasn't been mentioned yet. "Number Five is alive!" is the catch phrase from the 1986 movie Short Circuit. It is repeatedly said by the character Johnny #5, who is a robot who has become sentient. The robots in Disaster Transport's queue always reminded me of Johnny #5, and I don't think that was accidental, as the movie was still very popular by the time Avalanche Run was enclosed and themed. I agree the phrase is being used in this case as a reference to Outpost 5 as well, but I thought it might be important to people speculating that it is also a direct reference to the movie.
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    Racer 2019?

    The Racer was recently featured on National Geographic's Instagram page
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    11:00a: Park tweets out how days like today (yesterday) are the best days to visit because the rain makes for minimal waits 1:00p: Parks IG does a “rain day Q&A” including fun things to do at KI on rain days 5:00p: Park closes due to rain I get what happened, but from an outsider’s standpoint it looked a lot like, “What a great day to visit Kings Island! LOL JK we’re closing.”
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    Magenta Lizard

    Yelling at ride ops??

    I witnessed somebody yelling at one of the ushers at Gravity soon after she opened the doors for a show the other day. The woman was unloading her stroller and complaining the whole time about how somebody should have come out and told her before the doors opened that it wasn't allowed inside, she was at the front of the line right next to the door and now look at all these people going past her, she could have unloaded it while she had been waiting if somebody had just come out to tell her that it wasn't allowed inside! The usher was being very calm and just taking it, but as I went past I said quietly "well, there /are/ signs saying it..." If the woman had been standing there right next to the door for as long as she was saying in her rant, she had plenty of time to notice the sign /right next to the door/ that says strollers must be left outside. Or to look around and notice all the other parents parking their strollers outside the doors... Don't know where she thought she was going to be able to park it if it was allowed inside with her. Blocking access for other guests, I assume.
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    I will never, ever pay for a locker just to ride a roller coaster. If there is not a free locker system (like Universal) or a non-rider in the group that I can leave my phone with, then I will be that non-rider, even if it means not getting the credit. What about people who have a job where they are on call 24/7 and are required by their employer to be able to answer their phone immediately or return any missed call within X minutes, regardless of what they are doing? I know at least one person bound to a requirement like that. Such people are now essentially banned from Steel Vengeance. Ridiculous.
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    People complain that Kings Island doesn't do enough theming to be considered a theme park. Kings Island does a little bit of theming and people fall over each other trying to be first to break the news (although this is the first time I've noticed the actual news get in on the act, usually it's just the fan sites). Prior to the little farm vignette added as theming in Tower Gardens, the plants and flowers have been changed several times this season, to keep it fresh, interesting, and beautiful. That's what the groundskeeping staff does. That's what the greenhouses are for. Granted the general theming centered around plants and setting a mood used to be more of a "thing" for the park in its early years, but I've appreciated this return to their roots, and enjoy seeing the changes as the seasons progress. I don't think it "means" anything other than adding visual interest around the park.
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    ^ The only reason the news believes there is substance to the rumors is that it's being talked about here. A question I think everyone here needs to answer: why would any park ever release hints that: 1.) are only recognizable by people with an amount of industry knowledge the average park guest wouldn't have (e.g. "giga" in the snow), 2.) require an enthusiast-level amount of attention to detail to an obscure feature that played absolutely no part in the ride experience of a roller coaster that hasn't operated in almost 10 years (e.g. Outpost 5), and/or 3.) exist at a park that isn't the one the "hint" is about (e.g. literally anything reported in Steel Vengeance's queue)? Do you know what teasers do? Get media and guest attention for the park by the park's own doing. Enthusiast speculation being reported on is not the same thing. Actual teasers--ride Sally ride, filming in progress, watch out for falling trees--get everyone's attention. It's not there to wink at enthusiasts through subtlety. Marketing and PR don't exist to tickle enthusiasts. You know what DOES contain all three of those features? Easter eggs, which aren't the same thing as hints. Easter eggs exist to wink at loyal fans. Putting Canada's Wonderland-, Kings Island-, and California's Great America-related posters in the Steel Vengeance queue/the area near Steel Vengeance does exactly that. I love speculation, but the coaster fandom is really, really good at cycling through Here's a Thing I Noticed -> I Wonder If It's a Hint -> It's Definitely a Hint -> It's Definitely Confirmed, We're Just Waiting for Them to Announce It -> What Do You Mean It's Not What You Promised This Whole Time so much. It's kind of a mind-numbing cycle to watch over and over and over. Trust me, folks: when it's a teaser, there won't be any question about whether or not it's a teaser. These aren't hints, no matter how much the news talks about us looking for hints.
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    There is no need to start another Vortex topic in 2 days. Please post in your existing topic.
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    Except that one on the barrel has been there for ages (at least 2014 when I started going to the park again), and the symbol has been in Mystic Timbers since it opened (elsewhere, in the pre-shed, and that box was added a little later last season)... Hardly "popping up".
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    "RMCing" makes sense as a solution for not-so-popular old wooden coasters that have not aged well. Kings Island does not have a ride that fits that description in my opinion. I'm sure RMC would be happy to build Kings Island a brand new ride of their choosing (Topper, I-Box, T-Rex, whatever).
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    If you have Twitter, and don't follow "Kings Island History", you should....these are fascinating pictures of (IMHO) one of the best things at Kings Island...these pics only reinforce that notion for me...
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    By now I know all too well how hard it can be to determine the day which I will hit a milestone ride, especially if it follows a multi-day vacation. My original plan was to hit a certain milestone on a certain ride on the anniversary of my first time riding that certain ride (July 23) before I left for my Darien Lake vacation the next day. But since I could stay for only two hours after my open shift (I got off work at 4 and had to be home by 7) and I was still 14 rides away, I did not have enough time so I determined I would reach it on Saturday, the 28th, the day after arriving home from Darien Lake. But the 28th was more crowded than I expected, due to the "bring-a-friend" day, the nicer weather, and the fact that this was the last midnight close, as well as only being able to stay until 10:30 (and I worked a swing shift that ended at 9). So I figured that if I stayed as a guest after my open shift on Monday, July 30, I could finally do it as I knew a Monday would not be as crowded as Saturday. My dad told me to be home by 8, which meant I could do whatever at the park until 7. My shift ended at 4 so I had about three hours to enjoy the park as a guest. I entered the park just before 4:30. I had just enough time to slip in a ride on Vortex and make it back to the KI Theater to see Gravity at 5. I had test ridden it at work in the morning so my count was at 595 1/3 when my guest visit got underway. My pre-Gravity Vortex ride was enjoyed in 6-1 on Train 3. I often underestimate how fun of a ride the sixth car offers (as car 7 is superior) but the sixth car still offers a decent amount of airtime! It was just after 4:40 when my ride concluded, so I skedaddled all the way to the front of the park, where I entered the Kings Island Theater as the pre-show was beginning. I hopped into the front row next to @whengodsaysgo (whom I saw earlier at WindSeeker and decided to enjoy the park together after work!). I had not seen Gravity since June 12 when the rola-bola act last performed, so I got to see the new contortion act for the first time. That act was AMAZING and unlike any other contortion act I have seen! The bicycle act is still my favorite though. The seat next to mine remained empty, so Toothless, my Vortex beanie bear and my stuffed bumblebee got their own seat! And of course, we had to get a picture with the cast afterward. For the first time I was first in line for the meet and greet. We headed back to Vortex (yes, I know, you're SO surprised ) and rode the rest of the way to 600...er, 600 1/3 together. For #597 1/3, #598 1/3, and #599 1/3, we rode in 2-1, 7-1, and 4-1, respectively. Taking #599 1/3 aboard Train 3 was special, as I was on Train 3 when I got the 1/3 ride (PM me if you want more details) a.k.a. my incomplete 547th ride last month, so it paid homage to that atypical ride as without it my count would have been 600 that time. Also a side note: if/when I say "600th ride" or the like, the number refers to the number of completed rides, i.e. right now I have ridden Vortex 602 1/3 times, yet I might tell someone I have ridden it 602 times. As we got back in line for the momentous 600th 1/3 ride, Train 1 was departing and there were two groups of two in front of us in line for the front row, which meant we would board Train 1 when it returned and I would ride in the EXACT SAME SEAT where I took my 100th, 200th, 300th, 400th, 500th, and first test rides of 2017 and 2018!! Finally, I was next to board the front seat, and Train 1 arrived for my milestone spin. We stepped aboard and my crewmate at Unload snapped the traditional picture... As always, my "milestone train" gave us a great ride as I experienced my first six inversions for the 600th time! I'm glad things worked out so I could enjoy yet another milestone ride with a friend! Thanks for joining me @whengodsaysgo! It was 6:20 when we boarded, but a brief delay in the station had us sitting in the brake run for several minutes (no worries, it was a nice way to relax!) so we got off at 6:30. We parted ways, as she wanted to see Gravity again at 7, but I had to leave at 7, so after saying bye, I "celebrated" by riding Vortex again of course. I rode in 5-1 this time to wish "smooth sailing" for the ride to 700! And yes, 5-1 was smooth, but not the smoothest ride I've had in that row. This was 5-1 on Train 1, by the way, and I think my earlier rides in 2-1 and 6-1 on Train 2 were a little bit smoother (or at least didn't vibrate as much) which I found funny. Gotta love Arrows, where the ride experience can vary by the day! Toothless got his own picture with Train 1 after disembarking from #600 1/3. This is my drawing closer up, with Train 1 rolling in in the background. Using various pictures as my guide, it took me four hours to draw and another two to color this thing! I still had 20 minutes before I had to leave so I decided to give WindSeeker some love. I was assigned to Seat 15, right next to another single rider in Seat 16. I noticed her "Coaster Hair Don't Care" shirt and mentioned how I had seen it in the shops and always thought about getting one. I eventually mentioned that WindSeeker and Vortex are the rides I work and that Vortex is my favorite ride, and then she mentioned that we saw each other earlier in the day when she rode Vortex because I had apparently said the same thing to her earlier about how Vortex is my favorite ride. When she mentioned that, I did remember seeing her earlier! It was so cool riding WindSeeker with one of the very same guests that I helped while working! The timing of that is simply amazing! We talked throughout the ride about various things, all while enjoying the view. As we touched down on solid ground once again, we decided it would be fun to ride Vortex together. So we went back over there. Train 1 was departing as we arrived, which meant we would end up riding Train 2, where I had experienced my smoothest rides this day. We were going for 2-1 but the row was taken so we rode in 1-2. In the meantime we talked about the experiences we have had with riding Vortex, and I eventually mentioned to her the riding habits I developed as early as my second ride. Our ride together was fun and mostly smooth (other than the Arrow-esque transitions as always) and she and I both had a good time! The advice I gave helped her and she didn't get a headache like on her previous ride. But even on her previous ride she still enjoyed it, from what she told me. We exchanged our "it was nice meeting you" 's and headed our separate ways, as it was now 7:00 and I needed to leave. She has a Gold Pass so we will likely see each other again, and I hope we do because we had a nice time riding WindSeeker and Vortex together! I made my way out of the park, including walking past Off the Charts as they performed. I'm glad they came back this year. They sound great! +Vortex: 8 YTD: 109 1/3 Total: 602 1/3 +WindSeeker: 1 YTD: 17 Total: 136
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    Today is the one year anniversary of the day I officially became a certified Vortex driver! July 29, 2017 was that day!
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    Magenta Lizard

    Racer 2019?

    I had a fun unique experience last week where the trains were so evenly matched in release time and speed/weight that we were still lined up on the last hill before the tracks split into the turnaround. I never realized quite how close the tracks run there until I was gazing across at my counterpart in the same row of the other train. Only thing that could have made it better was if I were racing someone I knew that time If there was a way to make this a more common occurrence (it's literally the only time it has ever happened to me in all the times I have rode) I'd be all for it!
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    Guests Say The Darnest Things

    Saw something interesting yesterday. A couple, mid 40's, got into a violent argument at the Coke refill station near Diamondback. The woman insisted upon having a bite of the man's blue ice cream. Annoyed, he offers it to her but kind of thrusts it in her face (rude, but no contact). She bats it out of his hand onto the ground and then grabs his drink and throws it all over him before both of them storm off screaming at each other. Based on what I heard, I can only assume that they were arguing over who loved America more: Kid Rock or Skynard. #ItsAmazingInHere
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    First off you asked if the LED package could be changed. I answered that I am pretty sure it can. Second, I am also wondering why this bothers you so much if whomever is in charge of allowing the lights in the first place are not worried about it enough to request CW make any changes. Lastly, how could CW be at fault for a fatality if CW is operating in compliance with whichever governing agency allowed the light package? CW is doing nothing wrong.
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    No wooden coaster needs to be rmcd unless its topper track. Good day sir.
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    I may have a dark sense of humor, but when I noticed the giant "firecrackers" in this display in the window of Convenience Corner, I laughed. I'm sure it's been there all July. Please, nobody report it as suspicious.
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