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    Really? When did 5,282 feet of track (Diamondback) and 5,318 feet of track (Behemoth) become MUCH longer than 5,321 (Orion)?
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    It exists. It's real. And it's spectacular! We'll be sharing photos and video of one of the most anticipated new rides in the world when the time is right to do so.
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    Anyone that does not work at the park or in the industry is the GP.
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    I don't know if any of you noticed but Flight of Fear's old tower is back @Benjamin22 pointed that out from the pov
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    Get em @DonHelbig
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    If I had a dollar for every time you've mentioned POV, I could buy a boat!
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    Masks are required at the parks right now. We have hashed out your argument multiple times and there is no need to do it again. At this point in time, if you don't want to wear a mask and think they are useless don't make your reservation. No one is forcing you to go to the park where it's required.
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    I will give my review on every hill, 1st hill: The lift is very fast and quiet, you can definitely feel the 85 degrees and the drop is very long 2nd hill: Very fast element and gives some nice lateral floater, also feels overbanked 3rd hill: Very forceful surprisingly, and feels like a second curved drop. You also really notice the height! 4th hill: Best airtime moment on the ride hands down, I can't even describe this 5th hill: Trim doesn't slow the train down much, and gives some nice floater Helix: Sustained positive G's throughout the helix and that near miss is amazing! Also made me grey out a few times 6th hill: Very good positive G's and a surprising amount of airtime Brakes: you actually get some airtime into the brakes, and the brake run goes by very quickly. And the night ride... well that is on a whole nother level.
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    Oh ok he work for King's island. Be careful because there is some dude on here that hate drones and he like freaks out and gets in fights with words and everything. My dad said he drones on and on but I don't get but he said people on here might think funny
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    @malem and I give Orion 2 thumbs up!
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    This is going to be a long post, I plan on giving my thoughts on all of the giga coasters I have ridden, not just Orion. I was pretty confident Kings Island was going to install a giga coaster pretty early last year, and I already had a trip to Japan scheduled, so I made a plan which would take several trips to pull off. My goal was to ride all of the traditional lift giga coasters in one year, including Orion there are six. The idea being the 12 months would culminate in a ride on the newest and would be able to fairly rank all of them. One last comment on this post, I have been to several of these parks before, these are my overall thoughts on the rides not just a single trip. I am ignoring Red Force due to the ride basically being a Top Thrill Dragster/Kingda Ka style ride just with a different launch system which required it being shorter. I am also ignoring Superman Escape from Krypton, I have no idea how people consider it a strata coaster, the difference in height from the top of the track to the station is not 400+ ft. the tower was built over a downward slope to give it an extra 90 feet, on flat ground it would only be 328 ft tall. My plan fell apart just as it started, at Nagashima Spa Land. Steel Dragon 2000 was down the entire day, but I did get to ride the newest RMC, Hakugei. Steel Dragon 2000 looks impressive, it has this massive support structure, and at over 8,000 feet long is also easily the longest coaster on the planet. The length and its location work against it though. Wind has a cumulative effect, the longer the ride the more that it effects the overall speed, combined with being right on the ocean, the park has wind issues, which cause the ride to valley. What I experienced with Steel Dragon 2000 being down all day is actually pretty common. Currently this is my only trip to the park, so nothing about the actual ride experience, I do not think its fair to use a POV, or others reviews. Next I visited Cedar Point and took several trips on Millennium Force. Its the first coaster of this style, and it set expectations for what would follow. Its fast, and graceful. The location is amazing, and its going to be tough for any ride to top the view. If this coaster was in a barren field, I would likely have a radically different viewpoint. But its a classic and I love how re-ridable it is, I am happy to ride it over and over again and have done so at Coaster Mania. I followed this a few weeks later by a trip to both Kings Dominion and Canada's Wonderland. I305 is every bit as intense as others have described it in the past. That is both good and bad, its an incredible experience, but frankly its too powerful for the average rider. No matter how much some coaster enthusiasts might like this coaster, it was a mistake. The ride was a walk on, and yet the other big coasters in the park had hour plus waits, and its not simply due to capacity. Producing powerful G-forces is fine, but the length of time this ride sustains them was a poor design choice. The ride experience is short and it is the shortest of all the giga coasters but the intensity makes up for it, if it had been longer it could have easily been too long. Leviathan was the first of the B&M giga coasters. It feels like B&M was conservative in the rides design, and it is a return to the more graceful experience of Millennium Force. The wider trains with 4 across riders block a lot of the wind from riders in the center of the train, combined with just how smooth the coaster is it can often feel like your going much slower then you really are. The ride is short and it feels like it. The first time I went on Leviathan I remember hitting the brakes and thinking it was a weird choice to put a mid-course brake run on a giga, then I realized the ride was actually over and this was just how the brakes were designed. I was then incredibly disappointed in the ride. The drop is incredible but the rest of the design feels like your not actually doing anything, I have ridden all over the train but even still prefer to just go ride Behemoth. My plan for Fury 325 was not to finish off the year at Carowinds but it start 2020 there. I wanted to ride it several times a week or two before Kings Island opened so it was fresh in my mind before riding Orion. Sadly that was not possible this year. I have been to the park several times and have ridden it a good number of times, but its also been around 3 years since my last visit. When people ask me what my favorite coaster is, my answer has been Fury for several years. The ride is a fantastic mix of intensity, and speed, and is very re-ridable. I have had the pleasure of being at the park at the end of the night and have had employees let me sit in the seat and ride more then once in a row. Finally this leaves the point of this thread, Orion. I think the ride might actually have the best drop of all the giga coasters, its slightly closer to vertical then all of the others and I constantly was out of my seat the whole way down. The helix might also be the best of all the giga coasters. The start and finish of the ride are some of the best from any ride I have been on. The airtime is powerful and it generates strong positive g forces but does not try to hold them for unreasonable lengths of time. I really do think the ride produces more positive and negative g forces then Millennium Force, it cannot touch I305 in that aspect but I am actually happy about that. The ride is short, but most of whats there is fantastic, and at least I do not get the same feeling of where is the other half of the ride I get from Leviathan, but its still not as long as I would like. That is my biggest disappoint with the ride, it has the start and end of one of the greatest coasters in the world, and it just needed more filling. Another 1,000 - 1,500 ft of track with 2 or 3 more elements would have really elevated this. I have no idea how the second element after the drop on what is effectively an out and back design is the turn around. One thing I have been confused by is that the ride has a greater sense of speed in the middle of the train then the other B&M giga coasters. I have been wondering if that is due to having half the seats empty so you have less wind blocks in front of you, so this might change next year. Overall it is a good coaster, I do not think I consider it one of my top 10, but it is good. Night rides, cooler weather, a full train, and maybe some trees, could easily change some of my views. I was at the park on the 4th and I got to see it with the lighting and I will say its easily has the best theming of all the giga coasters. I did have fastlane and could have ridden it as many times as I wanted, and frankly I went on it six times, it could have been the heat, but I never felt a strong desire to hop back in line and ride it again. For anyone wondering why the lift hill is mostly silent without the noise of an anti-rollback, look to the right of where the contentious saw toothed track is located on the lift, you will find a metal fin sticking up. Whats happening is their is something like a magnetic eddy brake attached to the dog on the train. With the speed of the lift it basically lifts up the dog preventing it from impacting every step on the ratchet. Right at the top and the bottom of the lift the train is going slower and you can hear the familiar clacking sound. My personal overall ranking 1. Fury 325 2. Millennium Force 3. Orion 4. I305 5. Leviathan I am pretty sure Steel Dragon 2000 would be number 6 but not having ridden it yet its not fair to try to put it on my list. I rank them based on if the coasters were next to each other and both had zero wait which would I go ride, I do consider re-ridability to an extent, which is mostly why I305 drops so low. I think I might try to pull this off again in a few years, I do want to try out Steel Dragon 2000 sometime, and might as well hit the rest, it would be a fun way to spend a summer.
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    I rode nine times tonight. Best ride in the park! It’s deceivingly intense! I never thought I would ever say the words “sustained ejector,” but that’s how the speed hill is. The turnaround almost feels like an inversion. All the blood goes to your feet during the helix. The biggest surprise is the final curve before the brakes. GREAT air! The biggest disappointment is the head chopper under the first drop. You don’t really notice it. The arm chopper coming out of the turnaround and into the speed hill is more noticeable. The theming was great and it flowed really well with Flight of Fear!
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    You mean how good was the mask enforcement? C'mon people. It's a pandemic here and America is the epicenter by far. Thus thing is on the verge of being out of control again and theme parks will be forced to close again when that happens. Wear your masks and quit being selfish.
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    For those that attend opening day, just remember, the park is feeling its way through this, and will likely be operating at a very cautious speed. Its just as new to them as it is to guests - so its gonna take time for them to get their footing. Also, prepare yourself that wait for Orion will likely be very, very long... EXCRUCIATINGLY long. Due to Covid, hourly capacity is likely to be limited to 1/4 (or less) than designed. In addition, new rides like Orion are, understandably, prone to some downtime. I'm not trying to be a downer, I'm just pointing out the potential that things may be a bit chaotic, or slow moving. Please keep eyes and minds open to the fact that the staff is doing everything they can to make the day a success - its not their fault that the park is on restricted operating procedures. They have some long, challenging days ahead of them - and they need positive support. Take time to thank the employees that you interact with for working under the conditions.
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    Let’s see if mine works IMG_8123.MP4
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    Some cool pictures from Kyle kruthoffer
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    It is really quite simple: If you do not want to wear a mask at a place of business that requires a mask, don't go. Please understand though- DO NOT cause a scene because an employee has asked you to put the required mask on. You are an adult that made an adult decision to enter the business that required wearing a mask. The employee is simply doing their required job. If you cause a scene with an employee that asked you to put your mask on it should trigger an IMMEDIATE REMOVAL from the premises (do not pass GO, do not collect $200). Have a nice day!
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    A member of the Kings Island Season Pass Holders just shared 150+ vintage photos from his family's collection. The images include such rare and cool things as The Bat's construction, a Screamin' Demon evacuation, and lots of detailed shots of obscure Kings Island history. I don't believe you need to be a member of the group or even have a Facebook to check them out. You can see the whole batch here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/KISeasonPassholders/permalink/1188566601476455/ Here's a few of the highlights though (all courtesy Jeff Joiner):
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    Shake, Rattle & Roll debuted 45 years ago. Guests loved it! Today its opening would result in a thread comparing it to other similar type rides, debates about the ride's colors, the lighting package, how the queue was set up, etc. Once upon a time, people just enjoyed the ride.
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    I have been messaging the user that people are not sure of their intentions. There is nothing trollish about his intentions for posting on KIC. The admin are going to welcome him on KIC and ask that fellow members do the same.
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    I was at Friends and Family preview day and spotted these new pins for those who collect them. There is also a Phantom Theater one at the front gate store. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    No this not a troll, but a person with a learning disability. I was messaging him about his posts and his father is aware. He’s doing the best he can to post correctly on here. Cut him some slack. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Bob Joiner from Sterling Heights, MI has graciously allowed KICentral access to his awesome collection of park pictures dating from 1972 through 1992. Bob passed his love and passion for Kings Island to his family with these wonder Kings Island trips. Bob's son Jeff Joiner is also a Kings Island fan and loves visiting parks as well. As Jeff had his own family of 2 girls and a boy, he also has made this tradition with his family who are now Kings Island fans as well. Their family have been to almost 100 parks in 8 countries. His son Logan runs the YouTube Channel Koaster Kids and Thrills United. Logan is already apart of KI history as well, as he spoke at Coasterstock in 2017. KICentral wants to thank Bob for sharing his wonderful collection of over 300 pictures with us. We also want to thank Jeff for getting them uploaded and shared to KIC and other Kings Island Enthusiast platforms. I think you will find that Bob's collection is an awesome representation of park history. Here is Bob and Vicki Joiner in front of the original Bat in 1981.
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    Wish i saw able to ride but may be awhile before i feel safe in a crowd . i am 73 and have been treated for cancer. with damage to my immune system. it killing me to not go. but better than having it kill me because of going. love all the reports and pictures!
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    Sorry for the poor quality, but the light strip is on. Looks great!
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    I really feel bad for the park. What a horrible position to be in. They have added the biggest new toy in their history and cant show it off, or invite all their friends over to play the way they'd like. I know some may be upset, complain, argue, point fingers, rant and rave etc (after all, that's what people seem to do on social media.) But I am positive Kings Island is as frustrated and saddened by this as anyone - and they'd change it if they could. Everyone will have a chance to ride, some sooner than later, but ultimately this whole situation is a bummer from all sides.
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    Orion taking everyone by Storm
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    Just want to throw a big warning out there: I cannot stress this enough, please please please treat all associates with respect and DO NOT get mad at associates over enforcing the rules! I'm saying this because yesterday, one of my coworkers at carousel who is a minor was berated to the point where she was being recorded by the person berating her over trying to enforce the mask policy. Luckily the other associate called security right away, but she was stunned to the point of tears. Thank you!
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    Finally had time to write up my thoughts. Have a read if you want! I got to ride Orion 4 times on the 4th. Here are my thoughts: Theming: As many have stated before me, the theme of the whole area and Orion specifically is fantastic. I hope Cedar Fair and Kings Island specifically, continue to move into this direction. The space theme is fantastic and I was lucky enough to see the area at night, as I went on the one day the park was open until 10. Gosh! It is cool at night. It’s the first time I have wanted to just stand and watch instead of doing something else... that is saying something. I was originally disappointed by the lack of a large plaza sign like Banshee, but I think I have settled on the idea that I like the elevated area giving you a fantastic view of the coaster more. This is the only spot in the park where the station and theme are front and center and it’s fantastic. The theming in the line is solid, but it really gets good when you get into the pre-show hut. There is so much detail and cool things to look at in there. I won’t spoil it too much but I was definitely impressed. The station is about what you’d expect for a hangar theme but I actually thought it was nice. The hanging flags are cool and it feels fun in there. I also like the the line is blocked from seeing into the station until the very end. It’s a cool little thing that adds to the anticipation. Also, there are fans in there!!! The ride: let me preface this by saying that I am going to go through each element and my thoughts apply generally to any row in the train unless otherwise mentioned. I got 4 rides, rows: 7, 4, 2, 5. Lift Hill: You get some nice views on the way up and man do you really book it to the top. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were going 16mph up that hill. You slow a little at the top before dropping but I don’t mind as the back row would get like -2 Gs if it didn’t slow down. Side note: the lift motor is really loud when the chain is moving at top speed. Not really a positive or negative, just a note. The Drop: Hands down the best drop in the park and it’s up there with Fury for the best I have ever been on. The back row really gets some good whip over the top and throws you down. I didn’t get a ride in the very first row sadly but the second row is close to that. You don’t get ejected so much out of your seat but it is arguably as good as the back due to the sensation of falling lasting longer since you crest slower. I think I’d go back row of it was one or the other, but I see the appeal to both. Love the drop! The first element (a giant banked turn): I’m sorry, it’s just not a wave turn. You bank the same direction as you turn and therefore get pushed more into your seat than out of it. That said, sitting on the right side of the train will net you some really interesting air time. I felt like my body was experiencing normal air time while being sideways banked. Being pushed into the right side of my seat while floating was interesting and honestly super unique and fun. The closer you get to the left side of the train the less air time you will feel. It turns into more of a high banked speed turn which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially if you are on the left outside seats. Looking down from that high up while going that fast is really cool and I like it. Expect more air time towards the front of the train vs the back as well. It’s a solid element and while not my favorite on the ride, it is definitely fun. I don’t understand why people think every element must have air time. Yes, air time is awesome, but I like to enjoy a variety of elements on my rides. The turnaround: I liked this element. It’s nothing crazy, a pop of air in the front or not much in the back but you get really high up and don’t really lose much speed throughout the turn. Before you know it you are diving back low to the ground and pulling some good positive Gs. The speed hill: Ladies and gentleman... I give you the signature moment of the ride. Wow was I impressed! Watching the POV I was worried it would be slow and mild floated over the hill but boy am I so glad to be wrong. You don’t glide, you fly. What I would consider ejector air time turns into sustained strong floater throughout the entire hill. You absolutely fly over it and wow it’s fun. You will enjoy this hill no matter where you are in the train. Might get a little more fun on the left side of the train when you come out of the banking but it shouldn’t be very different. This might be my favorite coaster element in the park. And might be second only to SteVe’s large outer-bank on rides I have been on. 10/10 stuff here The floater hill: Let me tell you right now, people worry about trim breaks way too much. It’s there to get you over the hill at the right speed. And I really feel like it’s the right speed. I seemed to get mid tier to strong floater depending on the location in the train and I also felt like it was sustained longer than a typical hyper hill, could just be me though. Not a unique element but it was good no doubt. Helix: I’m not a helix fan. Never have been and I don’t think I ever will be. Generally, I find them to be taken too slow and to not do much for me. I don’t dislike this helix though. You get some very good positives throughout the whole thing with them being slightly weaker at the top then the low points. I also really like the shape of this helix compared to the normal ones. This is unique and non symmetrical and I like that. You won’t get anything crazy out of this element but it’s one of the better helixses I have been on. A mid tier element but I’ve definitely ridden worse Side-ways air-time hill 2: Fantastic moment! This is ejector air and boy is it fun. The only thing that could make this element better is if it was sustained until the ground. Definitely the sleeper element of the ride but right up there with one of my favorites. Break: You get a good pop of air going into the breaks (especially in the front of the train). This is better than no air time for sure. But be prepared to get slammed Flight of Fear style because boy do those breaks hit hard. You have a lot of speed going into the break run and if you are not careful, your head will know it. Overall thoughts on ride experience: This is a great ride. The pacing is fantastic, each element is unique and provides its own unique forces. Could the ride have been one or two elements longer? Of course. Did I want more? Sure. Did I feel let down? No. The ride time is similar to Mystic Timbers, which gets far less hate for being short than Orion. The pacing on both of those rides are great and they are aggressive until the end. Call me crazy but I don’t care that it isn’t longer. It’s fun how it is. Also, the length allows the lift hill to be really fast which is cool. Do I like it more than fury? Probably not? Levi? Never ridden so I don’t know. Millie? Definitely. I may be in the minority in that but half of Millennium is spent copying previous elements or gliding through boring tunnels. I would ride Orion every single time over it. The extra 15ish seconds do not make it better for me. This is a world class ride that deserves to be treated as such and I’m thrilled to have it at Kings Island. Extras: Is there a rattle!? I’m a little sadden to report this but yes, yes there is. The dark blue train is the smoothest IMO and the middle seats are definitely better than the outside but you will rattle a bit no matter what. I heard a while back that the park has issues with it because of the soil types in southwest Ohio. Not sure if that is true our not but considering all 3 of our B&M’s have a rattle I would venture to say it might be right. That or we are very unlucky. The rattle is bearable though so while it may be unfortunate, it doesn’t kill the experience for me. Lighting Package: HOLY MOLY THIS THING IS SO COOL. The views this ride and the lights it has are unreal. I wanted to stand in area 72 and watch, they were that good! Just bring these lights to Banshee and you’ll catch me having park withdrawals needing to get back. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. I will try to respond to them all! pics for fun:
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    When this happens please provide names so the park can look into it.
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    Went yesterday and want to make sure and say how absolutely impressed I was with the employees. They were all friendly (considering the current state of things and the state of some of the GP). Kudo's to the staff. Everyone had a smile and seemed to be making the best of the situation. I am very impressed with both the staff and the training the management have done for a quick turn around start to the season. I couldn't have been more impressed. I saw employees enforcing the mask policies and felt very safe. Masks and Social Distancing were both heavily noticeable so thanks to the GP. It was easy to tell those that complain about having to wear masks either didn't show up, or wore them anyway. Either way they were definitely a small minority. The only thing I would suggest is using the International Showplace as a relax zone. (similar to what universal did with the Sinbad show area). This is of course assuming they are not going to have shows this year as they seem to have eluded to. Just seems like 1 or 2 more Relax Zones would be appreciated especially on a day like yesterday with 90 degree temperatures. Other than that had a fantastic day and am looking forward to going again Tuesday. Thanks again to the employees and management at KI. Your efforts and outward friendliness were notice and very much appreciated. I made sure to tell this to as many employees personally as I could, knowing that starting the 12 it will be a whole different ball game. Until then us pass holders really have no right to complain considering our passes were extended to the whole of next year. But I fear the non-pass holders won't be as understanding and hope they strongly consider and understand the current state of things at the park when they visit and don't take it out on the employees. If they do I hope the employees will find solace that those who complain are a minority (how ever vocal) and want them to know the majority of us appreciate the employees and their friendly, outwardly positive attitude is noticed and appreciated. If you feel the same I encourage everyone to greet employees with a "Thanks for Working 2020". And to upper management, I know money must be tight but I would hope these employees will be compensated likewise to their over and above performance. To all employees "Thanks for Working 2020" !
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    Those Americans faced bullets, cannons, and probable death. All that's being asked of you is to wear a mask.
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    Those masks do not protect the wearer from any virus. Nobody has ever claimed that they do. If you think that the purpose of wearing a mask is to protect you, the wearer, then again, you are demonstrating that you've missed the entire point. They protect the other people around you. They can stop you from expelling droplets. They cannot stop you from touching a contaminated surface and then touching your face, thus, the warning on the box is accurate, but not relevant to the conversation that anybody is actually having. But do go on believing that they don't do anything. You might want to inform all the surgeons of the world that they've been doing their job incorrectly for several decades, though since medical professionals universally wear exactly that style of mask during their procedures.
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    They were enforced alright. Didn't really see it because everyone followed it. When I left, I stopped at the water fountain by the restrooms near Hanks and when I was done I forgot to pull my bandana up and a security guy pointed it out to me so I pulled it back up. They aren't playing so please follow the rules.
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    So same as the announcement comments Comments were not too good for Maverick at CP or Mystic Timbers prior to park opening either.... I think comments will change once people actually ride it.
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    Don't worry about them, you're doing fine. Alot of your excitement comes through when you're talking about rides. That's what we're mostly here for anyway.
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    @DonHelbig is out here interacting with and lowkey roasting some of the community. Love to see it!
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    There's still two days left before the end of the week.
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    And you are no different then the person who hides a zombie bite. A vaccine is for herd immunity for those who can't get a vaccine for medical reasons. Let me tell you about my buddy from the preschool I volunteer at, his name is Buddy*. Buddy has had a heart transplant and has since started to reject it. He is on immunity blocking drugs and the common cold could kill him. Buddy has been isolated with his mother as he can't even risk having a family member expose him, which means the last time he hugged his father or sisters was early March. We don't get vaccines or wear a mask for ourselves, we wear a mask and get vaccinated for Buddy and everyone else like him who want to be safe but can't and are counting on us to help keep them safe. I support your right to not get vaccinated, but if you choose to not take others health seriously, then please stay home to help keep those of us safe who are trying and doing our part.
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    I was so busy taking photos and looking at everything, I never really listened to the music. I took over 300 photos last night. I will get them in the KIC galleries tonight or in the morning. Back for opening day today.
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    Orion has exceeded my expectations. The ride is fantastic from beginning to end. The first ride does not disappoint at all! The biggest surprise for me was the final little hill, a very fun way to end the ride. The biggest let down with this ride is how hard the trim hits but that can of course change in the future.
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    Canada's Wonderland in 2019: Hold my Syrup
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    Here's one thing that I think is cool about Orion! On the floater hill, you'll be able to basically see the entire park!
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    The leds are on! Photo credit: legomaster, fye coasters discord.
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    I’m really excited that Kyle is contributing these blogs! Really enjoyed reading this and looking forward to more!
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    Can't wait for this thread to be over with lol
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    If an establishment asks us to wear masks, we should respect that policy instead of looking for childish excuses to break said policy.
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