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    Low ridership? Don't be fooled by wait times. Adventure Express is a high capacity ride and annually ranks among the top attractions in the park for ridership.
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    With all the things going on in the world we need something to keep us positive and cheerful. We will use this thread to brighten everyone's day. I know we have some separate threads for some of this, but let's use this one to post anything positive to support our fellow KIC members while we wait for thing to get back to normal and the toll gates to open. We can post about all parks not just KI in here as well. Post your favorite: POV's Coaster and park pics Coaster YouTube videos (no self promotion) Positive quotes (not religious or political) Anything you think might brighten another KIC members day. *Anything negative at all will just be removed at the discretion of the admin team. I will start with this picture on KMAA. I can not wait to replicate this pic with Orion in the background.
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    If it shines 100,000 lumens at the bedroom windows of the noise complainers I certainly will be ecstatic.
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    Oh...you don't have to worry about THAT around here!
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    Winterfest in the snow ❄️
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    I just painted this Boo Blasters Poster for its 10th year at the park, and because its well, the greatest ride of all time.
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    Even if we see a miraculous downturn in infection rates before June - I’d now be surprised to see the park open then. There are many other factors that will affect how this plays out. First, this will instill a fear of congregation in many people for a while. I know that even if you told me it were safe tomorrow, I’d probably still continue to isolate and avoid crowds until I formed my own peace of mind. Second, there’s an entire hire/rehire/training period to think about. This is costing the park precious time to be prepping staff. If given a green light to open by June - they still have to beef up personnel. That could take weeks. Granted they’ll probably have a larger volume to pull from for hires if the terrible projections of unemployment come true. Third, there’s going to be a large change in spending of discretionary income. Mark my words, going forward after things (knock wood) Improve, people will be much more selective as to where they spend their money. Typically entertainment is first non-essential to bite the dust. Fourth, the park - like any other business - has an extremely large overhead. To circumvent losses, they will cut spending in as many places as possible. Ordering merchandise, food supplies, prizes, equipment, uniforms are the tip of the iceberg and I’m willing to bet have been placed on hold. Even things like office supplies or cutting electrical use in non essential spaces come into play. If those things come to a screeching halt, then it delays preparing the park to open at any given time. Theres more, and I could go on and on. But the bottom line is (as much as it pains me to say this) I’d advise most here to emotionally prepare to not see the inside of our beloved park for quite some time. I hope that I am completely wrong, but my personal experience (and current work situation) dictates that this will be a lengthy delay. What I specifically hope is that everyone on these boards shows some decorum should there be an extended delay in opening, even after the virus has subsided. If it takes weeks, months, a year before the park opens then everyone should understand it’s due to the ramifications of a situation that is completely out of our hands - and theirs. My heart breaks for everyone this touches. Especially those whose personal welfare and income depend on it. I am a praying daily for an end to this - it’s truly a nightmare on all sides.
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    Here's some artwork I found that I wanna buy https://www.redbubble.com/people/coastermerch/works/43086188-kings-island-coaster-cars-design?finish=semi_gloss&p=poster&size=small&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=g.pla+notset&country_code=US
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    Just wanna say that I appreciate @IndyGuy4KI for starting this thread. This is a shot of the park I can't wait to see in the spring and summer:
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    We’re still encourage to go out and take walks, get fresh air. The governors order did not prohibit going outside for exercise.
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    My cousin and I are contemplating sneaking in and riding Orion. [emoji16][emoji16] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    @Joshua yes they are limiting store to about 20% capacity. Line starts at front outside and only one door in and one door out. When someone leaves then another guest will be allowed in. The aisles are going to be one way traffic... The good news is for those itching to go stand in a queue line, you can now do that at your local Walmart a week earlier than the originally planned KI opening. You are sure to get a rollback there too...
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    I can only speak for myself, but here is where my through process stands. Whenever I have purchased something in advance - or taken part in an installment plan - I viewed it as a "contract" between buyer and seller. I am paying for goods, or for a "product", that is forthcoming. If I do not pay, or complete my payments that would break the contract. Same is true if the product is not supplied as promised - it negates the contract. In this case, the "product" is essentially a fluctuating license to enter and use the park's facilities for a time period. For now, said time period is indefinitely on hold for reasons beyond anyone's control. So that leaves the "contract" in limbo. There are a lot of unseen challenges that can greatly affect a business' timeline - how and when they do things. I work in a business that is pretty similar to KI in terms of product. The impact of the virus has sent us reeling, and essentially scrambling to uphold our end of the "contract" with our buyers without collapsing the financial stability of the company. At this point, I am not sure we will survive this... and how we "react" to the situation will greatly affect the company's longevity. I have no doubt that Kings Island has every intention to uphold their end of the contract - after all, they are a guest driven business. However until a firm calendar can be set, their hands are likely tied as to the options they may offer ALL buyers simultaneously. Unless they can offer those same options to everyone, then they cannot move forward with a solution. I certainly understand this virus has sent many previously financially stable households into a tailspin - including mine. (Yes, I have personally taken a large hit.) However, I still intend to hold up my end of the "contract" that I made with Kings Island and will adjust to whatever options they offer me in due time. I view it in terms of my paying towards my future enjoyment. That gives me something to look forward to in these horrific times. Fact is, whenever this nightmare ends, and things are once again (knock wood) safe, I hope to immediately go to Kings Island and celebrate life, fun and the outdoors like I never have been before. In the meantime, I'm primarily focused on the health and safety of those I love and cherish - as well as my own. I am man enough to admit that I am as scared as I've ever been - and I have seen A LOT in my nearly 50 years. I am devastated that this is happening to our world, and crushed at the thought of all those affected. I pray very hard every day, multiple times a day, that this will be lifted. I encourage others to do the same - pray, encourage, and find something to lift your spirit and keep you moving forward. And for God's sake, stay home. Shaggy
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    why did you have to bring the coronavirus into this anyway, there is another thread. We are just trying to have a conversation about coasters
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    There’s two words associated with that head banging... ball joints, rougarou along with a lot of early B&M coasters were built with ball joint Connections to supports unlike flanged connections today. Tolerances weren’t as tight as they are now, ball joints allow a lot of movement during installation in case the support wasn’t in the exact alignment but also causes the track to slightly move during operation causing that head banging...
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    What the hell are you talking about? Even if a "national lockdown" or ordered closure of non-essential businesses occurs, we're a far way from martial law—let alone the national guard gunning people down in the streets. That's not even occurring in other nations.
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    I'll be anxious to see if the virus can actually live outdoors. I have read that experts believe that although the virus can live on interior surfaces like countertops, plastic, metal etc. that is not believed to be an effective means of transmission. At this point, its is believed to be transmitted mainly through person to person contact. I would suspect that we've not yet seen the peak of the transmissions... experts are saying that may not come for another 8 weeks... it may get better - or it may get a lot worse. I will say, for all those biting their nails over media day, or opening weekend or first rides on Orion etc. Take a chill pill. The park will do whats right and act in the best interest of its guests and their safety. I am POSITIVE Cedar Fair is monitoring the situation closely. They are not going to make any broad statements about cancellations, or closures etc until they have more info and concrete directives. Right now there's just too much left unknown. It is not a situation that calls for panic, but it IS very concerning. To say its just a "common cold" is kind of a slap to those that may have lost loved ones to it. Downplaying the severity of it undermines our ability to contain and control it. Of course we have to be rational... buying truckloads of toilet paper isnt going to help much. The best quote I read in this thread was from Malem. "Personally, I'm a lot more worried about potentially spreading it to others than about getting seriously ill from the virus myself. It's quite dangerous to vulnerable populations, and it does have the capability of making even otherwise healthy people very ill." That is exactly how I feel. We all need to be very cognizant of our role in halting the spread. If that means we cant go to KI for a few more weeks... so be it. Health is more important. My current modus operandi is to be "cautiously optimistic."
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    One from the front, one from the back. I’m surprised it took me this one to bump into another KIC member out there in the drop off or out back of GWL. Nice meeting you too @Hawaiian Coasters 325! So another funny story... out back of GWL as I was shooting there I had to hang the shutter which at 200mm can be a pain as every slight movement is greatly magnified. So as I pixel peeped, it looked like I had a lot of shake. The odd thing was that the supports were sharp but it looked like the fencing on lift was shaking. I was getting frustrated as it seemed like each one was doing it. Then I noticed movement on the lift... they were running trains in the dark. After seeing them, I could then hear it. So if you look close enough, you can see motion blur from the train on the top of the lift hill and it looks to be the dark blue train. With that said, anyone is free to call fake news but I know what we saw and heard.
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    Enthusiasts: "Can't you paint your B&M gigas another color besides blue?" Cedar Fair: Sorry I felt like posting a meme
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    Could we get away from B&M for a while? Not that there is anything wrong with them, but there’s so many other great manufacturers out there.
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    New photos and images. New interview. New information. All of which happened in the last two hours. Kings Island: A Ride Through Time is going to be incredible. I think it's going to surpass all expectations!
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    I've never seen it officially confirmed that KI was given any sort of a "discount" for Vortex. Its long been a rumor, and could be true, but I personally have never seen it substantiated. If anyone has printed material or quotes from park officials, I'd love to see it. I think the reason KI chose to go with Arrow was likely multi-tiered. - KI specifically wanted a high-thrill coaster with loops. Most of the other manufacturers proposals were deemed too tame. - Arrow had perfected the multi-inversion steel coaster by then. - I believe there had been a management change at Arrow since "The Bat" had been built, Ron Toomer was now in charge and he was well respected. - Arrow had a long-running, successful relationship with KI before The Bat. Many of the parks rides... Screamin Demon, KCKC, Enchanted Voyage boats (I believe) etc etc etc... were Arrow products. - The Arrow multi-loopers were things of beauty and awe. I would suspect park officials were sold on something that would look immense, be HIGHLY marketable, and be a noteworthy use of the land. Not to mention, IMO, it was the perfect "OOOOH AHHHHH replacement" following the embarrassing failure of The Bat. The installation of The Bat was, what I understand to be, a development agreement between Arrow and KI. Essentially, KI provided the land and funding for Arrow to flesh out their Suspended coaster concept. Both the park and Arrow knew it was a prototype, and would require "tweaking." However they obviously never expected the amount of issues and downtime it experienced. Finally, TMK, the relationship with Arrow never "soured." Again, I've heard that as a long-standing rumor, but never had it confirmed by anyone at the park. Did the park ever file lawsuit against Arrow? Essentially, "The Bat's" development was what I percieve to be the same situation that PGA entered with Vekoma to develop Stealth in the late 1990/early 2000's. Ultimately most of the operational consistency "kinks" were able to be worked out with Stealth... however it didn't suffer from as many severe engineering flaws that The Bat did. The Bat was ahead of its time, unfortunately. But ultimately the success of the suspended coasters and (IMO) inverted coasters that followed all have The Bat to thank.
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    As an adult I am impressed with how nice The International Street buildings look all lit up at night...I imagine to a young child they must appear even more magical.
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    The folded maps are back? Hallelujah!!
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    I found these pictures on a coaster discord channel. Not sure how they got them.
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    I’m sure he’s going to infect millions if he goes out, flies his drone, then drive back home
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    Been taking this time away from life and working on a new knex model with my son. Brings back great memories and making new ones.
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    2006 throwback
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    My prediction on Racer is that they'll paint and go back to the original painting scheme for the 50th. I have no inside info on that, it is just a prediction.
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    My cat, Shelby! Don’t worry she’s not angry, she’s just yawning.
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    Calling in the National Guard to fix the parking lot sounds a bit extreme, but you're not going to see me complaining.
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    Regardless of when/if the park opens, or how long this crisis goes on, at least we still have @KIghostguy's book to look forward to! Am really excited for that!
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    I love this topic. A virtual cheers to everyone!
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    Can we please be nice to people? Some of these comments are a little rude imo.
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    Well I have at Cedar Point. Lol
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    Uh, RMCing Adventure Express definitely qualifies as messing with it, which most definitely breaks the Eleventh Commandment.
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    There's a nice photo of it here. It was a Paramount casualty; I believe it was ripped out in the mid-90's along with the bridge over the pond in Oktoberfest.
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    I learned my lesson already. You do not try and argue with him. You do not try and reason with him. He will continually avoid your replies and continue spouting the same thing over and over. It’s not worth it.
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    The problem with the blue LED is the wavelength of light and where it falls on the luminance, tint and saturation of the spectrum. Blue light is harder to pick up by the naked eye than most like white and red, along with it having a tendency to be filtered out or suppressed by most newer cameras and screens. Add to the fact that this was taken at a time when there was a lot of ambient blue light, it’s barely going to show up. I also believe it wasn’t on full power, but that is only a guess. Since Fury was brought up, I don’t believe ours is going to be apples to apples. Fury has a single LED strip which is on the catwalk and it looks like we have 3 along the handrail. The secondary beauty of all this is that it seems about half the people who view it don’t see it or think I’m spreading fake news. So until KI goes live and beams this out like Clark Griswold in Christmas Vacation it seems as though the surprise isn’t ruined for some. I may head over to the river trail late afternoon and see if I can catch it from that angle and hopefully it becomes more clear for those interested.
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    To be positive for a moment - I have already seen some good come of this... I am a member of my community's Facebook group. It covers neighborhoods spanning about a 2-mile radius. Typically, it's used as a sort of Neighborhood watch system - like "Beware, package theif" or "Someone's dog got loose" or "Beware a kid threw eggs at our car" etc etc etc. But the board has turned so that neighbors are binding together and helping those that may need assistance. Offering free childcare, offering to run pick up necessities for those shut in etc. They are going as far as to check in/account for elderly neighbors that live alone - just to make sure they are ok. As Mr Rogers always said in times of crisis "Look for the helpers."
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    I know people are not taking this virus serious and i feel sorry for them. Its not just about yourself. They might be fine if they get it but if you spread to others who won't be then shame on them. Sorry for my 2 cents, just getting venting.
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    Why do you say that? They still have a lot of work to do in that area
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