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    That ship sailed a LONG time ago!
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    What kind of Haunt maze do you think we will see in the Firehawk station for 2019?
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    To be fair, if the colors represented what you saw when you looked at Firehawk you’d have to throw in quite a bit of lime green.
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    Don and other KI higher ups reading this thread
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    It's worth noting that there are 11 chairs in the photo, plus one coffin. There are 12 adult coasters in the park, so if one is dying, there's a seat for each of the survivors. The kids (coasters) aren't big enough to attend.
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    It feels like just a couple weeks ago I saw that green paint....oh wait, yes I did.
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    Kings Island has announced that Firehawk will be the coaster leaving the park at the end of the 2018 season. On October 26 – 28, 2018. 11 years, 5 months and two days from its Kings Island opening date, Firehawk will take its last flight ever as Kings Island will bury Firehawk! After Cedar Fair purchased Kings Island from Paramount in 2006, Firehawk was the first coaster that Cedar Fair installed into the park in 2007. Firehawk was not a new coaster though, Firehawk was previously installed as X-Flight in 2001 at Geauga Lake which closed in 2007. Firehawk was manufactured by Vekoma and its removal will reopen 5.5 acres of land. More info about Firehawk along with construction photos and more can be found here: https://kicentral.com/rides/firehawk/ Type of Coaster Steel - Flying Manufacturer Vekoma Model Flying Dutchman Lift/launch system Chain Lift Hill Height 115 ft. (35 m.) Length 3,340 ft. (1,020 m.) Speed 50 mph (80 kmh) Inversions 5 Max Vertical Angle 33 degrees G-force 4.3 Heigh Restriction 40-80 in. (137-203 cm) Trains 2 trains with 6 cars. Riders are arranged 4 across in a single row for a total of 24 riders per train. We don't know what the future holds for the area occupied by Firewhawk now, but the X-Base area of Coney Mall is the last area that has not been refreshed since Cedar Fair purchased the park. Could it be that they have big plans for that area of the park with its removal? A look back at Firehawk 2007 - 2018. 20180518_153811.mp4 FH new.mp4 FH new.mp4 Tell us your thoughts about the park removing Firehawk and your memories of the ride!
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    This exactly! I can confirm this from experience. Every day I am there working, I see countless 48” kids ride Vortex, most of whom love it! It always makes my day when I see or hear a kid say “Can we go again?” especially if they just rode for the first time! Vortex still holds its own rightful place in KI’s lineup as the only 48” looping coaster, which makes it the perfect ride for the youngsters already ready to brave their first inversions. As a Vortex associate, I get to witness those special moments every work day, and it’s one of my favorite things about my #KIBestJobEver! I love working Firehawk as well, though it went down twice the last time I was there. But when it’s up, it’s one of my favorite rides besides Vortex to work as well as ride. The main difference is the 54” requirement, so I don’t see as many young thrill-seekers there. But it’s still fun. I thought Firehawk has always fit in well with the X-Base theme. Though as some of you have mentioned, I do see how it is also the odd one out among Kings Island’s coasters. Unlike Vortex, Firehawk never really found its own niche at Kings Island, even after eleven years...the only thing that’s kept it going is its unconventional design of being a flying coaster (which is a good thing, don’t get me wrong!).
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    A news reporter talking about roller coasters is like that person at a Super Bowl party that wonders "how they're able to paint that yellow line on the field so fast"...
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    https://www.kiextreme.com/gallery/albums/Firehawktour-030307/IMG_3369.jpg ---- Wistfully searching through old photos archived on KIE... Still seems not too long ago that we saw these green track pieces arrive in the parking lot....
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    First post, here goes- I did a little digging into the Notice of Commencement that was filed with Warren County for the "2018, 2019, and 2020 Additions and Modifications for Kings Island Park". I compared this document with the one that was filed for the 2016-2017 modifications, which included GCI for Mystic Timbers. I noted if the company was present in the 2016 document, their field of work, and notable things they've done in the park if I could find them. Company Area of Work 2016-2017? Notable Work? EXHIBIT 3 FABRICATIONS LLC Signage Y Haunt Sign, Reds Grille Sign PLAS PLUMBING Plumbing Y Paramount's KI Site Utilities PATRIOT INDUSTRIAL CONTRACTING SERVICES INC Rigging/Moving Y Winterfest Eiffel Tower Lighting Rigging QUEEN CITY AWNING Awnings Y KINGDOM PRODUCTION INC Theming/Signage Y BAYNUM PAINTING Ride Painting Y Firehawk (2007) Vortex (2008), The Bat (2015) PAINTING CONTRACTOR LLC Interior Painting Y DALLAS FLOORING Interior Flooring Y MODERN DAY CONCRETE CONST Concrete Y ASHLEE FENCE ENTERPRISES Fencing Y OHIO HYDRAULICS INC Hydraulic Hoses/Fittings Y HICON INC Stone Paving/Masonry Y CARDINAL LANDSCAPE Landscaping Y DENIER ELECTRIC COMPANY HV Electrical Y Drop Zone, Diamondback T S GARNETT CONST INC Excavation Y BREHOB ENGINE & COMPRESSOR CO Air Compressors Y Most rides in 2018 KONE INC Elevators Y JOHN R JURGENSEN COMPANY Paving/Aggregates Y BEACON ELECTRIC INC HV Electrical Y Banshee (2014) SCHMIDT PROGRESSIVE LLC Fiberglass display fixtures Y REFLECT SYSTEMS INC Digital Signage Y Entrance Turnstile Displays TRUE EDGE INC Metal Fabrication Y R E MIDDLETON CONST Concrete Y WindSeeker Foundations PERKINS/CARMACK CONST General Contracting Y Mystic Timbers Entrance/Photo, Funnel Cake Building QUEEN CITY BLACKTOP Paving Y CAMPEON ROOFING INC Roofing Y FENTON RIGGING CO Ride Erection/Rigging NO TRIDENT ENGINEERING INC Pumps/Water Ride Install NO Diamondback Splashdown, Tasmanian Typhoon BOLLINGER & MABILLARD Coaster Design/Engineering NO Diamondback, Banshee You can see that we have B&M listed, but note the other two additions- Fenton Rigging and Trident Engineering. Fenton did ride erection back in the Paramount days, though I'm not sure on which rides specifically. Trident Engineering does water pump engineering, most recently at KI the splashdown at the end of Diamondback. There is another rigging company listed, but they seemed to have only been used for hanging the Eiffel Tower lights for Winterfest. In 2014, the Adena Corporation out of Mansfield, OH was the steel erector and general contractor for Banshee, a B&M project. Since then, they have also installed Diamondback, Intimidator 305, Maverick, GateKeeper and Valravn. We don't see Adena Corp listed on the Notice of Commencement, but it is possible that they are contracted by B&M directly, not through the park. This leads me to believe that Fenton may be the contractor which will be removing whichever coaster it turns out to be. If that were the case, it is unlikely that it would be scrapped, otherwise a demolition company would be listed instead, like it was in 2014 when O'Rourke Wrecking was contracted to demolish Son of Beast. TLDR: No demolition/scrapping company was listed on the Notice Of Commencement, which could mean a relocation instead of demolition.
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    And big fans like me will never have enough time. I would probably need to be pried away from the train with a crowbar after taking my last ride
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    SOB is permanently dead, as dead as the Bengal’s chances of winning the Super Bowl.
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    ^ Plus, this is purely anecdotal but Firehawk seems to have taken a sharp and fast dive in popularity over the last few years. I know, I know. Wait times do not equal popularity. However, I remember maybe 5 years ago, Firehawk would consistently fill its line and have hour-plus waits. Nowadays, it seems like half the days I'm at the park, it's sending half-empty trains. Vortex ridership has probably gone down in the last five years (we did get a new giant loopy coaster in that time, so that's to be expected) however, it doesn't seem to have been affected nearly as much as Firehawk. Also keep in mind, Firehawk may be a fairly recent addition to KI, but the ride had been around for many years before it ever made it to our park. Having just ridden Blue Hawk at Six Flags over Georgia last week, I was very impressed by that makeover. Any chance Vortex is being "removed" but actually getting a refurbishment a la Blue Hawk or Rougarou? I think the chances of that are somewhere above zero. Very inexpensive compared to a new ride, but it would undoubtedly boost ridership quite a lot for at least a short time. All that being said, Vortex is my favorite ride and Firehawk and WindSeeker are my wife's favorite rides. One of us is going to be having a bad time pretty much no matter what, it seems.
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    Very interesting... If the speculated 2020 giga is actually coming, I think I just realized my prediction for where. Firehawk has seemed like a remarkably complex ride for a seasonal park for me for a while, but since it's lasted this long, I figured it'd be around for a while. But if you'd told me the Vekoma Flying Dutchman at Kings Island wouldn't outlast the one at the dumpy Six Flags near DC, I wouldn't believe you. Because I'm too cheap to pay for a locker, the emotion I associate most with this ride is fear that my stuff will fall out of my pockets. It's never been a must-ride for me, but I've got friends who love the thing. A number of them also liked Son of Beast, though, so maybe they're just wrong.
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    *conspiracy theory voice* Kings Island PaId GoOgLe To PuT SoB bAcK iN gOoGlE mApS aS a HiNt FoR rMc SoB
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    The Giga Speculation Thread

    Also fits my Cedar Point/ Kings Island 20 years later theory Magnum XL-200- 1989/ Diamondback-2009 Raptor- 1994/ Banshee- 2014 Millennium Force- 2000/ Kings Island Giga-2020
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    ^Consistently sending half-full trains every 90 seconds still equals more riders than sending full trains half as often on a ride that spends 25% of its life broken down, which is pretty much the case with Firehawk. The only reason people think Vortex might be removed is because they don't like it and they think that means that everyone doesn't like it. I'd imagine Vortex's numbers have gone down a bit since those figures were recorded, but it's still likely pulling nearly a million a year and is still one of the most ridden rides. People also forget that Vortex is very popular among younger kids, as it's one of the very few "extreme" rides with a 48 inch height requirement.
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    uh oh... Declining attendance. Budget cuts. Ride removals. Only 11 (of 12) chairs for the funeral... Crap; I've seen this one before. Weren't they trying to "right-size" Geauga Lake before killing it? According to Wikipedia (the #1 source for all accurate information...)- Cedar Fair has 12 "dry" parks- if you count Gilroy Gardens... So... 11 chairs. Funeral for one. "it's big. It's gone." RIP KI. Maybe we can get discounts to local destinations in lieu of those purchased 2019 Season Passes. (Sarcasm just doesn't translate well on a computer screen)
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    I would agree with most of you that the signs are pointing towards Firehawk. The wreath colors: red, black, gray, and yellow all point towards Firehawk. It has red and yellow cars, black on part of the restraints, reddish track (more a burgundy), and gray supports. Firehawk has seemingly been down more this year compared to previous years. When it is up it has longer wait times but it also has horrible capacity. Invertigo probably has better capacity and it is running only one train. The location of the ride would be a good area for a giga. If you look at the other two gigas that Cedar Fair has installed semi-recently, Fury 325 and Intimidator 305, they are both off the main midways a bit. Fury was located right next to Hurler, and Intimidator which is probably a good example for KI since we have a similar (not exact) layout to KD. I305 is located right next to their Flight of Fear. It makes sense to put a Giga entrance back in that area of the park because it helps more evenly disperse the crowds in the park. You would have Banshee over in AZ, the big three in Rivertown, and this new coaster which would help bring crowds not only to FOF but also Racer, the flats in Coney, and probably would help Vortex a bit as well. Locating the giga there would also allow the park to use some of the vacant land that SOB used to occupy. The park in the last five years has made several major/minor updates to the Coney Mall area. These have included the re-paint of Shake, Rattle, and Roll; LED lights added to Dodgems, Shake Rattle, and Roll, and Zephyr; re-painting the Subway location; Coney Bar-B-Que; and next year's Kings Mills Antique Autos. If you stand in front of Coney Bar-B-Que and look towards Firehawk you can easily visualize what a giga would add to that area. The other benefits are we would probably get the bathrooms back in that area we have wanted for years and possibly even a new restaurant. The only thing that doesn't point toward Firehawk is the "ItsBigItsGone", as Firehawk would never be classified as "big" by most people in the size-sense but maybe it is referring to the something "big" that is going to replace it. I figure that the park will continue to tease a little while longer before the final announcement is made. It is kind of funny that whatever attention Kentucky Kingdom hoped to get with their recent teasers has been overshadowed by a faux cemetery at a park two hours away.
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    Realistically, my guess would be Firehawk. It's the most temperamental ride in the park and it's the ride that maintenance hates the most. Yes, Firehawk is one of my favorite rides, and I love riding (and working) it! At the same time though, I would not be surprised if it was the ride in question. WindSeeker ran without a hitch when I was working last weekend. Even after its recent hiccups, I would still say it's still the most reliable of its kind in the chain. Bottom line: As long as it's not Vortex, I'm fine with whatever is going, albeit a little sad if Firehawk is the ride leaving.
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    No idea what is leaving, but I cannot possibly imagine them removing Vortex without letting everyone know well, well in advance to get many rides in. The younger folks here might not feel that way, but some of us remember the hype before and as it was being built. It was a big freakin' deal, and still stands in one of the most photogenic spots in the park.
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    So the confirmation has been confirmed that the confirmation of which coaster is going away will be confirmed tomorrow?
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    Kings Island Removing an Attraction?

    Tweeted by Abby Anstead of WCPO.
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    These pictures I got from coaster crew on Facebook. The area is lit up tonight in red lights.. another tie to Firehawk in my opinion
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