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New For Cedar Point 2020

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Cedar Point has announced their 2020 additions. First up is the Lifetime Ticket.

CP is doing a bunch of drawings where people can get a CP ticket that will let them into CP for free for the rest of their lives! That's awesome!

Snake River Expedition is a new boat ride where riders will experience a one of a kind adventure with Trapper Dan! It will be a fun boat ride where you can experience things you can't experience at most theme parks.

Celebrate 150 Spectacular will be a celebration that will happen every night, with cool floats, food, music, and other fun things!

There will be a new town hall that will feature all of the park's history.


More details on the link above!

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They likely had to pay a licensing fee of some kind (or a percentage of sales) to Pink`s.  That is likely why they opted to remove it.  Higher profit margin potential for the Mac and Cheese bar.  Not to mention those that have had the Mac and cheese bar at KI when they have had it have loved it.

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On 12/11/2019 at 1:54 PM, ThrillKingsFitzy said:

I am fairly sure they will be celebrating more with more additions in 2021. But we have to wait for that.

I’m thinking the “big” ride will be in 2021. If they added a coaster this year, they’d be expected to top it next year for the second half of their celebration.  Seems like they have a great lineup for next year. 

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We have a lock on piano via @pianoman and a bona fide OSU worthy trombone player in @Ride On_17.

Still need a tenor and/or bari sax, trumpet, guitar, bass (electric or double), drums/2nd cowbell, 1 or 2 singers, and a 3rd cowbell part. 

@IndyGuy4KI and @malem can be band managers and the rest of KIC are the groupies.  There is a discussion to be made for @VortexBFForever or @stashua123 for marketing, but will be discussed at a future date.  


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Stop thinking so small.  CP will build us a stage on top of Dragster*.  We will officially hold the world record for The Tallest Band in The World.  Of course we will only hold that record for a short time until SF does it with Ka and Kanye. 

*Its not like anyone take note that Dragster is down for a whole week, that's normal.

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If this becomes a thing, I would gladly be the roadie!

Seriously, I've roadied* for many bands while in high school and college and enjoyed it. In the past, I've set up for Newsboys/Seventh Day Slumber, For King and Country, Brandon Heath and more (mostly local bands though).

However, that being said, I would feel very nervous bringing equipment up to the top of TTD...

*The gigs were unpaid, but I wasn't doing it for the money. However, I did get a free "Head Roadie" T-shirt out of it while in college! :D

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